Star Driver Episode 6

After seeing the events of this episode, the Cybody fighting seems a lot more dangerous than it seemed before. Fights in Zero-time always ended with little more than a bruised ego, and the only other dangers were Takuto’s scuffle in episode 1 and the threat of earthquakes from the nurse. The upping of the danger level to near-strangulation and comas is a fair step up from there, to say the least. It’s also contributing to an increasing serious air to Star Driver, but this seriousness is making the show far more engaging to watch.

That's not pretty clouds above the island. It's smoke form the fires of Hell. So which one should I wear for my job interview?

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Star Driver episode 4

Just as a general thing, I don’t really like the opening of Star Driver at all. The animation’s nice and all but the song itself definitely isn’t my thing; the singer’s all nasally. The ending on the other hand has really grown on me, both the song and the animation. It’s kinda like it’s telling a story of its own, the sort of simple story between friends that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, though that might just be me.

This picture needs a spaceship or something over Wako's head.

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