A desperate marriage proposal #TwelveMoments #7

The 12 Days of Anime project is CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve chibis of Christmas!

Now we’re getting to the area where I have a hard time ranking and distinguishing between moments.


The girl you’re going out with, and somewhat serious about (let’s just say it’s complicated), rolls out of bed and randomly asks you to marry her right as you’re planning to leave the country for a big concert. She’s always been flaky and frankly, quite weird. It’s hard to tell when she’s serious and when she’s being her quirky self. This comes after a night of odd behavior. You’re getting the sense that she’s not being serious and just reacting to certain events… maybe jealously, and certainly irrationally. What do you do? Do you let it slide? Do you pretend it never happened? Do you brush her off? What if she’s joking? Or for that matter, drunk? What if she’s serious? Would you hurt her feelings? What if you said yes? Would it count? Would it matter? Would she remember? What if you said no? Would she leave? Would she change? Would she care? Would she remember?

And you react by going *ploink* and you pluck her on the forehead and walk away.

In a season of topsy, turvy moments, Nodame’s spontaneous marriage proposal to Chikai was the craziest of them all. If not because of its total randomness, then as an opening to her following Stresseman to the dark side.

2010 is the year Nodame Cantabile ended. But I still don’t want to say goodbye.

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