A Father’s Day Special – Eleven anime dads worth mentioning

Happy Father’s Day! This is a continuation from my previous Best and worst anime moms post, we now turn to the dads in honor of Father’s Day. Like I mentioned before, anime dads tend to be a more diverse bunch than anime moms. So generally, they tend to be a more interesting bunch (although arguably worse parents). Here are some I thought were deserving of some ink based on shows I’ve seen and my memory.

So what other cool/unique/terrible dads am I missing out on?


Nobody looks out for their daughter better than…

Seto Gouzaburou. Just a typical gangster father who’s a little overprotective over his daughter right? Yeah well, other gangster fathers wish they could be like Gouzaburou. Most gangster fathers only go as far as terrorizing potential suitors for their daughter before being put in their place by the mother (take Haruka Nogizaka’s dad for example). And while there’s a little bit of that with Gouzaburou too, he manages to follow his daughter out of the sea and take over Sun’s and Nagasumi’s whole school – replacing all the teachers in the school with his own henchmen (and where his wife takes a role as the school nurse). His constant torture of Nagasumi eventually leads to Nagasumi’s graduation into GAR-ness, finally winning Gouzaburou’s approval. Oh, and we can’t forget about Gouzaburou’s forays into moe moe, galges, and his contribution in the epic final battle.


Nobody looks out for their daughter better than… (part 2)

Nagisa’s Dad. A baker with a temper problem and a proclivity towards baseball bats. He’s not as out there as Gouzaburou and actually ends up taking shine to Tomoya fairly quickly. Ultimately, he proves himself to be quite the well-rounded father, and is probably the “best” father that I’ve seen in any anime.


Nobody cross dresses quite like…

Luna’s Papa. And this is all in the name of trying to be a better dad. Edomae gets an A for effort, an F for execution and AAA for hilariousness. His terminator-speak and his love for the serafuku helps him steal the scene every time he shows up. But thank God he’s Luna’s papa and not mine.


Nobody looks quite like…

Chiyo-chan’s dad. Voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Looks like a very strange cat. If that mix wasn’t mind-blowing enough. Apparently he also:

  • is bulletproof
  • can fly at Mach 100
  • is government sponsored
  • is Santa
  • can speak English
  • demands you to eat your tomatoes
  • dislikes the color red

Let’s just say he’s the guy I’d least like to run into in a dark alley.


Nobody cries more than…

Maka’s dad. Whether it’s because his daughter hates him or because he was also a terrible husband, it seems like the tears and mucus never stop flowing when Spirit’s in the room. But he does try to be a really good dad and as the Shinigami’s Death Scyth, he can be one bad motha.


Nobody ruins a nice family moment quite like…

Lelouch’s dad. First of all, he’s voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Menacing Norio Wakamoto. Can you even imagine menacing Norio Wakamoto getting mad at you? But let’s see what he’s done (directly and indirectly) with his family (trying to keep this spoiler free as much as I can):

  • Gotten his wife killed. Once. Maybe twice.
  • Gotten multiple sons killed or Geassed into slavery.
  • Gotten his daughters killed, blinded or crippled.
  • Oh and there was that thing with his brother, V.V.

If you are thinking of or are already in a relationship with someone of the last name Britannia. Run away. As fast and as far as you can. Just run away.


Nobody needs a DNA test to prove their paternity quite like…

Death The Kid’s dad. I’m curious to know who the mother could’ve been. And uh… how Death the Kid was conceived. Hmm, how do I say this? The child does not look a thing like the father. That’s all I’m saying.


Nobody obviously graduated from a harem quite like…

Nagasumi Michisio’s dad. So what happens when a hapless harem leader grows up and marries the girl of his dreams? Well, he probably turns out like Nagasumi’s dad, who clearly landed his babe of a wife, by starring in a harem of his own when he was a kid. Unfortunately, without a guy like Gouzaburou pushing him into GAR-dom, he eventually just grows up into a depressed husband, who gets forgotten about, while his wife is fawning over some other GAR dude. Yeah, enjoy that harem while you can.


Nobody dotes on their kid more than…

Elicia Hughes’ dad. Better known as Maes Hughes. This guy is hands down one of the best anime characters ever. Not only is he a badass, but he’s a fantastic father and a great husband. Every scene that Maes Hughes is in is an awesome scene. The world needs more Maes Hugheses.


Nobody’s got a warped sense of beauty quite like…

Fumika Mikawa’s dad. Guys like him typically end up on death row with made-for-TV movies based on him rather than become famed writers. The guy is clearly out of his mind. If the shocking abuse scenes weren’t evidence enough, shooting his daughter should be the icing the cake. He’s a top candidate for worst dad ever award, except the next guy pretty much cornered the market for the next… oh, let’s say eternity.


Nobody deserves to lose their rights to fatherhood like…

Nina Tucker’s dad. Better known as Shou Tucker. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Shou Tucker, you suck, you heartless bastard. Shocking, despicable, and probably the most disturbing and heart breaking scene in the show.

9 Replies to “A Father’s Day Special – Eleven anime dads worth mentioning”

  1. @zzeroparticle: ah, I forgot that Tomoya himself became a dad

    @Baka-Raptor: Hmm I see my list is SnH heavy, but I swear I haven’t watched it in over a year. It’s just one of those few shoes that makes great use of the parents.

  2. HUGHHHESSSSSS. T_T I suppose he was the most predictable Father’s Day mention for me, but it is depressing. So depressing.

    Lulu’s dad would get quite a number of other mentions if the list were edited to include spoilers, huh? XD

    I think I need to get off my ass and watch Azumanga just for Chiyo’s dad.

  3. Hands down favourite Dad on the list would have to be Chiyo-chan’s dad. I love how Sasaki’s dream depiction of Chiyo-chan’s dad turns into how the show will further depict him. Gotta love that guy. He’s like the super-dad that you’ve never had!

  4. how about the dad of the strongest anime character so far? you know….the one who could see the future, the one that saved the life of his son so he could live, the one that uses a headband drenched in the blood of his fallen comrades and his own blood, the one who could take down 100 army men, the one who tried to confront someone who could destroy planets *COUGHBARDOCKCOUGH*

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