And the award for this season’s most shounen-inspired speech goes to…

Oreimo’s Kyousuke, who managed to not get bitchslapped by his dad after forcefully grabbing his collar.


Oooh. But unfortunately, there is no defense for the "you were in your sister’s room, using her computer, to play a game about doing what to your sister?" accusation.


I winced for Kyousuke. I winced for any onii-chan that was ever accused by his dad, and I winced for any dad that had to make that accusation to his son. Game, set goes to papa-kun. But the match goes to Kirino.

In other news, OreImo continues to be the most believable and entertaining show of the season.

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  1. Domestic abuse on that level is believable? I mean there is a serious rift between his father and him. That family should be way less happy that it appears to be.

    Here’s another one Kirino: threaten to move out. you clearly have enough cash to do so. Don’t you know how many anime have parent-less children/siblings inexplicably living alone? (or just dead parents) If daddy loves his little girl as much as he pretends he doesn’t than he’d clearly give in.

    I’m told I have to be raised in an asian household to understand. Fuck that shit.

  2. I also enjoy the series very much, and it is one of my favourites in this season. 🙂

    > Domestic abuse on that level is believable?

    My grandad beat up my dad everyday when he was young, and I got some nice beatings from my dad for my wrongdoings too. Of course such level of corporal punishment is totally lawful in the Asian city I am residing in. I am sure that if I played imouto eroge in my sister’s room with my sister’s presence, a single punch on my face would be too lenient beyond imagination.

    Maybe the Asian household point does hold some value?

    >Here’s another one Kirino: threaten to move out. you clearly have enough cash to do so.

    Tokyo property price is among the highest in the world. Even fresh graduates with real jobs and full-time salaries can barely afford the tiny single apartments (many stay in company quarters), let alone middle school kids with part-time jobs. On top of that no minor can rent a flat even if s/he is a billionaire due to the paperwork requirements. Dad will know that Kirino is joking and the threat is just an empty one.

  3. Punch in the face? BTDT. Challenged my old man once, dumb when you consider he’d been a Marine, a stevedore, a Golden Gloves boxer, and a guest of the Federal government at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary for 12 years. One tough sumbitch.

    I remember thinking as I saw it coming, “He NEVER throws a haymaker!” Lucky I hit my head between the studs. Made a big hole in the drywall. He felt bad about it, but I’d asked for it.

    My hitting my head explains a lot. 8D

    For the record, he was a great guy, taught me how to work, and how to respect others. Rest in peace, Dad.

    Kudos to Kyousuke, he stuck his neck out, and took the heat.

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