I finally got around to watching Steins;Gate during Thanksgiving. And then rewatching it this Christmas season with my sister. I thought it was a fantastic show. And it gets better the second time through. Actually, I thought even the pacing seemed quicker the second time around, maybe because I was noticing things I’d missed the […]

I guess I’m in Japan

by RP on September 3, 2012 · 4 comments

Gachapon machines

Sorry this update was a long time coming.


Can’t say I loved the 8 year time skip, but how cool was it seeing Sentarou and Kaoru jamming again?

Why Saber?

by RP on June 6, 2012 · 17 comments

One of the things that has confounded me for years now, ever since I first watched Fate/Stay Night and now revived during Fate/Zero, was why there’s so much love for Saber. Is it the moe factor?

I’ve been thinking of the best way to write this post for a while now. Kids on the Slope is one of the best animes I’ve seen so far, and so far, perhaps my favorite romance anime to date. In retrospect, I wish I’d blogged about it episodically, but I was late to the ball.

Despite being one of the admins for the aniblog tourney I’ve been pretty hands off. Most of the credit for the work goes to Scamp, Mefloraine and Renn. But as someone who also helped kick off the first aniblog tourney, I’ll give you a little insight into the thinking behind the tourney.

Between Fate/Zero’s continuation, Tsuritama, Acchi Kocci, Sankarea and probably Hyouka (once I get around to it) I’ve been pretty pleased by the quality of the summer season. Traditionally not a very strong season. spring season (Thanks Kim. I apparently have no idea what month we’re in >_<). With that said, it’s looking increasingly like I’m probably […]

That is, if you were to describe “nostalgia” as the year 2007 and the show, Lucky Star.

Oh man, Fate/Zero is back and the first episode just reinforced everything I love about the show – it’s big, it’s beautiful and off the charts charismatic.

Nisemonogatari 11: Family

by RP on March 21, 2012 · 2 comments

Nisemonogatari’s heartwarming (not terribly so) family ties season comes to an end.