Back in time again – Ga-rei-zero, episode 2

Like all of my episodic commentaries, I don’t plan on summarizing the show (go watch them!) and rather am focusing on more of what pops in my head as the show plays. So apologies for some random jumping.

Anyway, if you recall, all of our previous heroes were massacred at the end of episode 1. I’m not familiar with the manga story at all, so at this point, I wasn’t sure what the heck was going to happen next. As it so happens, we’re introduced to our new team of heroes.


They include a couple of freaky looking twins voiced by Norio Wakamoto (otherwise known as Charles di Britannia), a pipe-fox wielding cyclist (although he doesn’t use any bike-fighting moves like Natsuki, I’ve come to love pipe-foxes after watching xxxholic), some guy without any pupils, another guy who apparently fights with briefcases, and the pocky-loving wunderkind heroine. They seem to have a bit more personality than the old cast of heroes, but at this point, I wasn’t about to get too attached to them, considering what happened before.


So the new cast of heroes defeats some major monsters, again the action scenes were really well done, albeit a bit dark, and the music throughout was appropriately heart-pumping, when they come across our villain, Yomi, from before. Except these guys seem to know each other. Anyway a battle ensues, Yomi escapes and the pocky-girl and the fox-pipe guy go after her.


Anyway, the two chasers split up (why people always do this boggles my mind), and Kagura, our pocky-loving heroine runs into Yomi, and they engage in a couple short but fierce battles, with Kagura apparently leaving Yomi behind for dead. Clearly that wasn’t the case though, and Kagura gets blindsided by Yomi and her giant lion beast. They have a heart-to-heart in which Kagura calls Yomi her sister, which sets Yomi off, and the scene ends, ostensibly with Yomi killing Kagura. End so ends a whirlwind couple episodes.

Couple things to note:

  • This ep, again didn’t have an OP. It did have an ED though.
  • I remember at the time, I was a bit lost, with all the new characters popping up. I couldn’t tell who was the main character, whether the story was hero-focused or villain-focused, or really heads from tails.
  • I like how they set it up so far. A sucker-punch beginning to draw the viewer in, and then laying out the background. The subsequent episodes really do fill out the backstory well, but it’ll really be on the writers to do a good job connecting it all back  together at the end, because while this was an action-packed ep (and quite possibly the climax), there’s no emotional punch, since you’re not invested in the characters yet.