Bakuman, episode 16: Denied

The Bakuman death march continues…


Sometimes I wonder if Bakuman would’ve been better off set up with 11 minute episodes. Once again, there was a handful of interesting scenes: Hattori going over 9000, Takagi’s Angel Beats 2 story getting rejected and Mashiro living out the typical love triangle scene at the end. But otherwise? The pace plods along at the very non-shounen-like pace and not much occurs.


Takagi’s Angel Beats 2 story is well received by Hattori, who continues to be awesome, but their first real attempt at a mainstream manga falls short of making the cut for the Mario Kart Golden Future Cup award, as well as the next version of NEXT. I don’t know if I’m just being an ass, but I really though their previous 2 stories were a lot more compelling. Focusing on writing a successful mainstream battle manga seems like a non-event to me. It’s like focusing on being the #1 offensive team in football, instead of trying to win the Super Bowl. Sure the #1 offense might be a nice goal, but in the big scheme, who cares? You’re trying to win the Super Bowl any way possible. They’re being fools for not taking advantage of their strengths.


Meanwhile, Miho makes her seiyuu debut in what seems like a shounen-ai series. Miho plays the lesbian. Wait, they’re all lesbians in shounen-ai right? shoujo-ai (thanks Taka). Human Miho also makes an appearance on TV to Mashiro and Takagi’s amazement.


Otherwise, we see Takagi struggling with writers block and trying to solve it by getting some play. Mashiro of course gladly plays the creepy stalker-kun, right after agreeing to become Nizuma’s assistant.

I think Mashiro made the right decision in agreeing to help Nizuma. Similarly, I think it was good of Takagi to give his “permission.” Whatever extra work they can get will only make the two of them better in the long run.