Bakuman, episode 21: Pop star… you’re doing it wrong!

How should I go about writing these Bakuman posts anymore? I’m out of things to say, and I’m getting tired of poking fun at it. To be fair, this was one of the stronger episodes in a while. I just don’t have anything left to say.

Poor Hattori. Within a two minute span, Hattori gained and lost more pounds than Matthew Perry typically does in a week.

Satisfied with the effort Takagi and Mashiro have been putting in, Hattori finally relents and begins preparing the two for getting serialized. Actually “relent” is the wrong word, because Hattori becomes quite gung-ho about getting the two serialized, regardless of how well they do in the Golden Future Cup.


We also get introduced to a couple new Golden Cup rivals: Aoki is the sharp tongued shrew who trashes both Ashirogi Muto and Fukuda’s previous works. She’s partnered with Nakai to get on the map with her fantasy anime. Interestingly, Mashiro comments on how she looks like Iwase. I haven’t followed the original Bakuman manga, but I have heard that she becomes a mangaka herself, so my guess is that she’s just donned the wig to get undercover. She has that… very terse Iwase temperament which I like.


We’re also introduced to Koogy, a rock star who wants to take a step backwards in the world of pop to become a mangaka, and tries to use his army of music fans to rig the voting for the Golden Future Cup. While the story for Colorfusical seems… interesting, in an artsy sort of way. The artwork was pretty godawful. More importantly, I think Koogy needs to revisit his plan for worldwide stardom. You typically don’t step away from the lucrative teenage girl market to embrace the shounen otaku market. If you’re in music, the next step is TV, and the step after that film. Pretty sure that “mangaka” fits nowhere on that timeline.


Upset with Koogy’s shenanigans, the Fukuda, Nakai, Takagi and Mashiro team up to protest en masse. Hopefully this means Fukuda will do a lot of yelling next episode.