Bakuman, episode 23: Hurting to the end

Koogy acts like an ass. Everyone redo’s their name, then gets their five minutes in the sun. And there’s a 4-way tie for the finish. Ok, that last one remains to be seen. But you get the gist.


The one thing I do enjoy seeing is all of Nakai’s desperate – and hilarious – reactions. He’s the one that’s been through the ringer. He’s the one that has his career on the line. For all the excitement Fukuda, Mashiro and Takagi get to partake in – they have nothing really to lose. Especially our two "heroes." They’re prodigies. Child wunderkinds. They could go on a 5 year losing streak and still be ahead of the curve. They have nothing to lose. What’s their cost of failure? Losing out on a personality-less, bimbo seiyuu wife? Please. Cry me a river. But Nakai? Nakai’s known nothing but failure. He’s old enough to be Mashiro and Takagi’s father. And seemingly destined to forever be a company man. Churning out creative work for superior creative minds. Isn’t that sort of like twisting the knife in a stab wound? I don’t root for Mashiro and Takagi for reasons I’ve made all too clear over the past 22 episodes. But Nakai? I root for Nakai. He’s got skin in the game.


That is. I only root for Scruffy Nakai. Not clean-shaven child molester Nakai. *shudder* Keep the 5 o’ clock shadow, Scruff.


For all the terrible animation Bakuman features, they do seem to be doing a good job of ensuring Miyoshi’s boob jiggle physics are receiving the right amount of attention.