Bakuman, episode 5: Writing manga is easy

Apparently it’s NaNoWriMo this month. WHO WANTS TO WRITE A MANGA!?


Takagi and Mashiro make some really good progress from the last episode. While Mashiro still seems unsatisfied with his drawing quality, Takagi’s finally begun writing and come up with a couple stories.  Takagi’s first story is something right out of the Twilight Zone involving parallel worlds and testing humanity (although I did some digging, it doesn’t look like the two Earths thing has been done in the Twilight Zone, though they’ve done some parallel universe stuff). Meanwhile, he also comes up with a more shounen-esque sports story about a boy who loses his eyesight, but comes back as a mysterious pitcher wearing sunglasses and proceeds to dominate.


The Two Earths story sounds pretty interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing develop take that as their first project, but the Sunglasses Pitcher is cheesy enough to be fun. Might add some energy to the show if they decide to go with that. What was interesting was seeing the normally confident Takagi watch Mashiro read his stories with apprehension. Writing is tough. I think it requires less unique skill vs. drawing, but because of that, everything thinks they can write. It’s a lot easier to impress people with an average drawing, whereas people tend to be a lot more critical about storywriting. So in that sense, I’ve always felt like it takes a little more guts to share your story than your artwork.

Still, a little creative drama between Takagi and Mashiro wouldn’t have hurt here. They’re such unabashed fans of each other’s work, I thought it would’ve been nice to mix it up.

Doing just fine without the boys

Less interesting is the new love angle for Takagi with Miho’s best friend, Kaya. I suppose they’re setting up for the inevitable love triangle between Takagi, Kaya and Iwase, the smart girl, but man… I really don’t think Obata does romance well, because all the romantic angles are totally falling flat to me. And this is coming from someone who tends to be an unabashed shipper. The less they spend on the girls, the better. Whoops. Was that sexist?

Mashiro goes straight for the oppai

I’ll admit it was a little amusing to watch Takagi pick on Mashiro. This is sort of the dumb shenanigans that teenagers pull that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Each time they do this, it brings a different type of energy to the show.


No Nizuma this episode, sadly, but Takagi and Mashiro make a big jump when they decide to call the old Shounen Jack editorial department’s phone number, left behind by Mashiro’s uncle, just for the hell of it. Hopefully this leads to some sort of epic clash with Nizuma next week. Although I have no clue what they would show to Shounen Jack considering Mashiro still doesn’t think he draws well enough yet.

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  1. “Apparently it’s NaNoWriMo this month.”

    Thank you for reminding me of that early in the month.

    I thought making their manga in about a month was fairly credible, given that Takagi probably had a few ideas he had been considering for a while.

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