Bakuman, episode 7: Your relationship is so boring

Sadly, it’s become readily apparent to me that Bakuman is a flawed series that will be weighed down the whole way through by its utterly banal romance angle. Why is that?


Yeah, what Takagi said. Why is the romance angle so boring? Well, for one Mashiro and Miho don’t really have any chemistry together, because…


of Miho’s ridiculously stupid promise. This is like a chastity pledge, only about a 100x more lame. And what happens when Mashiro questions the promise?


Miho unleashes the power of tears. Which is really a very unfair way to fight. Regardless of the fact that it’s an incredibly bizarre response to Mashiro’s question.


Of course, Mashiro later reneges on his question and reaffirms the stupid promise, causing Miho to gloat. That’s really weak.


18 minutes of the episode was a waste of time on the romance, the episode only picks up in the last minutes when Takagi gets a call from Hattori telling him that their first script failed to make the monthly award finals, but Takagi rediscovers his cockiness and vows to win the Tezuka Award with their next script. Hopefully this means the romance will take a back seat in the next episode, because now Takagi and Mashiro are going to need to churn out a story in less than a month


And finally, we get a villain. Well, not quite, but I like Nizuma’s brashness. I hope he turns out to be a real dick. Bakuman really needs a personality like Nizuma’s, everyone else is just so nice. I want to see Nizuma throw some wrenches into Takagi and Mashiro’s lives. Maybe he can beat them out for the Tezuka award, steal their girls and have a threesome with Miho and Kaya, and then get Takagi and Mashiro blackballed from Shounen Jack. Now that would make things interesting.