Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai First Impressions

Good impression achieved and it’s not by Sena’s glorious oppai nor Yozora’s killer “S Grade” zettai ryouiki

Yozora, wanna pull that skirt up just a bit more?

While some of the other shows have been utter shockers at how good/bad they are this season, I think it’s quite reasonable to believe that Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Sukunai) is one of the rare-er shows that is performing at least at expectation level.

What do I mean by expectation level? Well, it’s rather a tossed salad of “I like parts of this show, yet I don’t like it”. Obviously, as you all know, Sukunai is based on an extremely popular light novel, which should mean that the anime adaptation would have an excellent plot and character interaction. However, instead of performing at the unearthly levels of awesome-ness  of the light novels, Sukunai opts for a more “anime” approach. What I mean by that is, standard premier episode cast introductions, slow pace to explain everything, and basic details.

This is what I like the most about Sukunai comparatively to other show of this season. While Majikoi and Maken-Ki may be appealing to some, the bottom line is, if you didn’t read the manga or play the eroge, you’ll mostly likely not understand anything they’re talking about in those shows. Luckily, Sukunai starts from its basics and assumes the audience is a clueless retard, which in most cases, is true.

She's way too pretty to be a teacher. Must start a petition for her to be in the harem.

Thus, by not cramming in a bunch of random details or introducing a large amount of cast members, Sukunai keeps it really simple. And by keeping it simple such as introducing just Yozora, Sena, and that douchebag-with-dirty-blonde-hair-that-I’m-so-jelly-of. Also, rather than forcibly injecting the audience with a bunch of Sukunai jargon and what not, the show starts off with basic back-stories, premise setting, and how the “Neighbors Club” is put together. Certainly very smooth and easy to follow plot. Me likey.

Aside from the original plot and unparalleled show introduction, Sukunai has another factor to it which makes it stand out. Anime art fanatics will notice how that Sukunai doesn’t look like one of those cheap, ecchi anime where all girls have gigantic oppai, which despite my fervor in pursuing bishoujos with a large bust, I find that disgusting. A prime example of a so-called “low-budget-ecchi-borderline-hentai-anime” of this season would be Maken-Ki. While I don’t necessarily like the gratuitous oppai and pantsu, the art style itself seems so…generic. For a lack of better words, it certainly lacks “style”. On the other hand, Sukunai goes for a less conventional approach to its character designs. So different from the rest of the anime this season to the point that Sukunai almost resembles Denpa Onna, which is most likely a good thing. Therefore, the art and character designs from Sukunai will something that I’ll be definitely be looking forward to following all season long.

Oh Yozora, that's so moe. Marry me now please~! *adds to waifu list*

Oh right-o, before I forget, did I mention how sexy Sukunai looks? Well, as you can see from the first picture, that’s some pretty eye-catching “eyecatch”, right? Why there’s certainly no pantsu or nipple galore, it really supplements the word “tease” and “temptation” really well. Instead of giving the viewers the whole thing, it certainly leaves room for a hell lot of imagination. And if you couldn’t fantasize, then well, there’s always an abundance of doujins out there.

Anyways, so while Sukunai starts off super slow pace in comparison to other shows, I believe this first episode will set a good tone for the rest of the season. By having a slow steady pace, I think details can really be hammered out and the audience can actually have a deeper understanding of what’s going on. However, just a “good show pace” and some sultry art aren’t going to make a show go from good to spectacular. It will all depend on Sukunai’s execution for the next few episodes before a decisive conclusion about whether the show will make or break. However, that will definitely deter my fanboy-ism. GO SENA-DONO! <3~!

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