Spice and Wolf

Holy cow. While it wasn’t perfect, this episode delivered a little bit of everything. Powerhouse performances from Jun Fukuyama and Ami Koshimizu. Betrayal and intrigue. Lawrence pulling off his best Lelouch act. Angry Horo. Crying Horo. Deredere Horo. Lawrence’s confession. A kiss between the two(!) Seriously, there was a little bit for everyone. The only […]

Because every time Lawrence tries, he gets the carpet dragged out from under him, like Kratos always getting screwed over by those damn high-and-mighty Greek gods. Still, all in all, rebellion may turn out to be a good thing for him… assuming he and Horo get out of that town alive.

Hmm, I suppose in any show you’ll have your fair share of clunkers. Not that this episode was bad, but the animation was uneven, Fruhl’s plans felt like a retread, and the story and dialogue seemed to lack the spark the previous episodes have had so far. And with only 2 episodes left, I get […]

The title doesn’t make any sense if you think about it, but I thought it sounded cool. We get another episode with a healthy dose of Horo x Lawrence banter, not much development on the main storyline and then one heckuva cliffhanger at the end. Everyone wants Horo! (With good reason!)

A strange thought occurred to me as Horo talked about listening to the various groups of arguing merchants – does Horo have two sets of working ears? She has the clearly visible and moeblob okami ears, and every indication is that they’re not just decorative. But what about Horo’s human ears? Do they work too? […]

After a long break, Horo is back in full force, taking over every scene with moe moe kyun and rapier wit. Hanging with witty people naturally makes you wittier. So there’s no doubt that smooth talking Lawrence owes his new slick style to hanging with Horo.

This is not a fair question to ask. But the answer is always yes, right? What? Not tonight? Nooooo!!! Horo, you tease!!!

I laughed and facepalmed at Lawrence referring to Horo as "cargo." I suppose it was a cute way for him to avoid mentioning his feelings for Horo directly. Otherwise, the lack of Horo continued in this episode – and I think I’m suffering from Horo deficiency – but it was an important episode, because Lawrence […]

For an episode that had basically no Horo (I refuse to go by Holo), and focused mostly on Lawrence’s schemes and deals with Amati and Mark, it flew by. That’s what not having mid-episode eyecatches will do for you.

The range of emotions Horo displays in this episode is incredible. From the flirty, teasing moments in the beginning when she finds out about Amati’s contract, to the playful exuberance during the festival, to her complete emotional breakdown at the end – all of it exudes such an intense and energetic vibe, it’s part of […]