Fall 2009 First Impressions: Nyan Koi!

My anticipation level for this show has been steadily increasing until it hit fever pitch yesterday. I have only one word to describe this show: Nyantastic!

This is the most realistic anime depictions of cats ever… because in reality, they’re devils.

Fansub group: gg

Things I liked:

  • Jun Fukuyama voicing a cat is about as amusing as you’d imagine. I want to hear that cat pull of a Zero at least once.
  • Like tj_han pointed out, the art style, the comedy, it is indeed very much like Seto no Hanayome, which was the greatest comedy I’ve ever seen.
  • Mizuno and her saucer eyes is really, really cute. I also like that she appreciates chivalry (much like Seto San), and has a penchant for inadvertently torturing cats (I think I do the same IRL). I don’t mind Yuka Iguchi’s voice, but occasionally I’ll hear a little Index in there, so I’d rather have had Haruko Momoi.
  • It looks like this series will follow harem convention, but the whole cat theme is so off-the-wall zany it feels fresh and interesting.
  • Neko neko neko!

Things I didn’t like:

  • Not animating the cat’s mouths I guess makes sense, but it looks a little strange.
  • The OP/ED are just ok. It’s certainly no Romantic Summer.
  • How the heck are they going to stick in 99 good cat deeds in 12 episodes?

Random other thoughts:

The more I thought about Nyan Koi, the more excited I became for it. I don’t know why, but I thought the show would just work. And it did. The story was ridiculous, but entertaining (unlike Kampfer, which was ridiculous and stupid), and I love the random, non-sequitor humor and art-style. Like I mentioned, it’s very Seto no Hanayome-esque, although it’s a little more restrained. So far I like the main leads, and the two cats are pretty hilarious. The shrine cat, because it’s Jun Fukuyama, and the fat cat, because I think that’s how cats think and behave in real life.

I’ll definitely keep watching this (hopefully it doesn’t suffer from the same fansub abandonment as Seto no Hanayome did). And although I haven’t figured out how many shows I want to write about this season (somewhere between 0-2), Nyan Koi has now edged out Railgun for top billing.

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