Fall 2009 First Impressions: Seitokai no Ichizon

Yes, there is such a thing as too much meta-humor. But I eagerly await the day that some studio, so bereft of ideas, decides to make an anime adaptation of lolikitsune’s visual novel about anibloggers.

This was much better done in the latest Higurashi OVA

Fansub group: gg (they’ve been busy)

Things I liked:

  • I have to agree with Shin about the male lead, he’s shamelessly chasing the harem dream. You gotta give some respect.
  • The artwork was occasionally ok.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Could have been the quality of the video, but the colors seemed washed out. Animation as a whole was not that hot, but as a random, slapstick comedy, you’d probably expect that.
  • Heavy-handed with the referential humor. A lot of it seemed shoehorned in. They’re going to run out of stuff to pick on by episode 4.
  • No personality of its own.

Random other thoughts:

Seitokai no Ichizon was a summer show that got delayed to this fall. It was probably for the better, because it would’ve been crushed amidst the summertime quality. But amidst the fall season’s mediocrity, it blends in pretty harmlessly. To be honest, after I read Patrik’s drubbing of the light novel on Random Curiosity, I expected this show to be complete crap. And while it wasn’t good, it wasn’t horrendous either. The harem guy is pretty amusing. The girls are occasionally cute. And the machine-gun pace of the jokes means you don’t dwell on all of the misses along the way.

The biggest problem I have with Seitokai no Ichizon is that it has no personality of its own. Rapid-fire comedies generally aren’t my thing, but one thing you can say about shows like Zetsubou Sensei, Hidamari Sketch and Pani Poni Dash is that they all have a distinct personality… hmm, taking a second look at that list, maybe this would’ve been better off as a SHAFT show. But I digress. Ichizon from the beginning makes it clear that this is a show with no plot and everything’s the same. But by relying so heavily on referential humor, anytime it tries to throw in an original joke, images of tumbleweed rolling through the desert pop up in my head. Moreso than the anime references, I liked the last part of the show the best, when it tried to stand on its own accord.

All in all, I’m probably not going to watch this, but more because it’s not my style than because it was garbage.

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  1. I’m a little worried about how sustainable the show is, but I’m a big sucker for referential humor. I’m hoping this show will deliver my dose of comedy for the season, given how little comedy there turned out being in Miracle Train.

      1. That thought just earned Nyan Koi another chance from me! Though realistically unless the next episode really impresses me I’ll probably be blogging something else.

        Oh god, I’ve only been blogging since the end of July and I’m already considering becoming a shipper for the sake of shipping. What is happening to me?! When one stares long into the aniblogging abyss, the abyss stares back!

        1. lol! Ok, you take the big breasted one, since she shares Fumin’s proportions, I’ll take the cat torturer since her enthusiasm for cats seems to rival Mii-chan’s enthusiasm for stars. On your mark. Get set. Go!

          1. Hey! My undying love for Queen Fumie has nothing to do with such petty things as her ‘proportions’. It is a strength of character, a powerful intelligence, and a purity of love that brought me to her cause! And a cute face doesn’t hurt either. Though Oumi won out overall for looks in my opinion.

            When episode 2 comes out we shall see if Nyan Koi shall be the newest front in our shipping war.

          2. Oh sure. How convenient “intelligence”, “strength of character” and “purity of love” is when accompanied by d-cups. Besides, if anyone’s a paragon of those characteristics, it’s Mii-chan. :p

  2. More often than not, Ken’s character is resigned to being the lead’s best friend, so it’s nice to see ONE OF US ONE OF US take center stage. I reckon by the time they run out of jokes, they’ll start injecting the ???? with full force to make up for it.

  3. Same as everyone I’m curious how many anime references they can deliver each week without being too repetitive.

    I got a weird sense of accomplishment after recognizing 99% of the anime references, if anything I’ll have fun spotting them when I’m watching this.

    Of course, they got me my attention at Uso da. I even spun around in my chair a few times. Well, I don’t know I think I should support Studio Deen enough their animation sucks.. I haven’t watched many of their other titles to be frank. Hey, maybe we’ll see some Nippahs and objections too. 💡

  4. i love anime.in this anime i can not say i was catching on to most of the references. though the show did not go anywhere, i started to like the anime. i hoped for a harem ending. i do not see to many successfull full harem endings, normaly the main charachter ends up befriending most girls and only picking one girl. this i felt had the potential to go all the way. i liked how on the last episode he asked all the girls out at one time and told them he loved them. i would like to see this turned into a more romantic comedy leaving off from the last episode. i really liked how the flashbacks where introduced in this anime. as for the quality of the anime i have a old weak computer so i really didnt notice it that much. even if they do not continue this anime i would still like to read the writers ideals on this even if it was a rough draft and ill continue to support that thing that i liked about this anime is that the anime did not introduce some odd character that was a wierd mascot doll or animal.

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