First Impressions: Kuroshitsuji 2

I wasn’t planning on watching Kuroshitsuji 2, but I was enticed by others posting about the "troll" and had to see what it was. If you watched the first season and haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you not read any of those posts lest you give away the fun. This post, however, will be short and spoiler-free.


Kuroshitsuji returns with a new butler, Claude, and a new master, Alois. Claude pales in comparison to the previous butler, Sebastian, but Alois is a little more interesting than Ciel, I thought. Oh, don’t get me wrong, Alois is completely unlikeable and a real sociopathic asshole (and the first male character I’ve ever seen flash the zettai rouiki *shudder*), but that gives him more personality than Ciel ever had.

Otherwise, Kuro 2 pretty much repeats the Kuro 1 formula. Ambiguously gay duo? Check. Complete inability to get the tone of each scene right? Check. Misplaced bits of "comedy"? Check.

Honestly, I’m not sure why I put up with Kuroshitsuji 1 considering how much I generally disliked almost everything about it. A meandering storyline, too much yaoi-bait, boring Ciel, etc. Actually, there is one reason. And that reason was because Sebastian Michaelis was a damn cool character… when he wasn’t yaoi-baiting, that is. If you liked the original Kuroshitsuji, because you actually liked the story and the direction, then the sequel will be right up your alley. If you only really liked it for Sebastian… well, it’s worth a watch to see if Claude can satisfy your loyal slave-master urges.

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