First Impressions: Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakatamachi

JC Staff has had a pretty good run lately. Hayate no Gotoku 2, Toradora, A Certain Scientific Railgun, uh and I guess you can toss the Shana and Zero no Tsukaima sequels into the mix, although they sort of sucked. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakatamachi (from now on to be referred to as just Ookami-san) feels sort of like they tossed all those shows into the blender and pooped something out that didn’t include Rie Kugimiya (thank goodness).


The only thing more embarrassing than getting punched out by a girl, is getting punched out by a girl wearing cute neko brass knuckles. Although if that ever happens to me, I’d consider asking the girl out afterwards. At least the girl’s got good taste, right?


How come the lolis are often the "mother-in-law" types? The first episode felt sort of like a bizarro universe Railgun. I was overjoyed to hear Kuroko narrating. Meanwhile Shizuka Itou does her typically fantastic tsundere job as Ookami, who’s sort of a cross between Mikoto and Hinagiku, with Taiga’s looks and Ami’s height. Meanwhile, her best friend, loli among the anime crowd, dwarf to the rest of the world, is like a younger version of Index and Railgun’s midget teacher, Komoe, although you wouldn’t be able to tell any difference between the two.


Morino’s a stalker and a raepist! Ok, I’m taking the words out of context, but the show already established that Morino’s a smooth talker (and possibly into yaoi, or masculine traps perhaps). Morino’s purposely pathetic, to an extreme degree. Unfortunately, JC Staff takes it a little too far, and his socialphobia or whatever, is more obnoxious than amusing. I really don’t want to spend the rest of season seeing gags of him hiding from people.

Otherwise, the first episode introduces us to Otogi Bank, an odd name for an odd school club for odd people. You know this show will be kooky, because all the characters are purposely kooky. From the voluptuous maid, to the sharp tongued megane, to the Ribbons Almark lookalike bossman, to the two… umm, reverse raepist and reverse raepee? Honestly, there wasn’t anything all that special about the first episode, introductions-aside. Although I did get a laugh out of the flying cranium kick. But Ookami-san is the type of show that is right up JC Staff’s wheelhouse. It’s all here slight parodies, zany characters, light romance and tsunderes? You bet!  As long as Morino’s phobia doesn’t become too much of a running gag, this should be a fun watch.

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  1. I think the interesting thing about Morino is that, unlike most male rom-com leads, he isn’t wishy-washy and afraid of doing anything. He is specifically afraid of being seen, and actually confessed to Ryouko. Further, he has skills, including his evident ability with shooting rocks. The fact that they (1) didn’t resolve that he participated in the first fight, and (2) went out of their way to show that the fight was video-recorded and that recording was handed over to Alice, makes me think there is some more elaborate plot planned.

    Of course, I could be wrong. Comedies aren’t usually amenable to intricate plot theories. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with the next episode.

  2. Agreed, Ookami certainly does have excellent taste in boxing gloves! I’m loving all the fun characters, and looks like this’ll be a nice lighthearted summer comedy. Although I do hope Morino’s phobia isn’t as overused as, say, Inami’s androphobia… That would get pretty annoying.

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