Fortune Arterial 4-6

Oh man, school has just been hitting hard. After this week it should be better, but it’s been crazy. At this point, we’re up to episode six in Fortune Arterial.

That would make an interesting anime...

The two episodes dedicated to the athletic festival were surprising entertaining. It provided a different angle. In one way the different angle was provided was not only was our hero responsible for putting it on, but through this, he really redeemed himself and proved that he’s not our usual dope. Kohei honestly worked hard and put the time and effort into making it a success. This isn’t a loser dope for which everything falls nicely in place, which is a nice change for nice. It’s not a surprise that the girls looks up to him—he’s honestly likable!

The girls were fleshed out more, well, except Erika who already had plenty of screen time. Kuze, who really hasn’t gotten any screen time at all, was probably the one expanded on the most, but I like what we saw of the others too.

I do admit I have a soft spot with for Shiro. And while the relationship may not be how a real brother and sister would work I think it’s really cute. I can’t wait to learn more about them.

Also, I do have voice my appreciation for one part. While there’s no ‘In your face hey look at my boobs’ fanservice, it’s definitely there, and it’s definitely nice.

Episode six…one thing I like about this series is the sense that while it’s all light and fluffy on the surface, there’s a much darker underbelly to things. That proved to be true as we found out about the sisters. I’m not sure if I liked the episode or not. It felt sudden, random, and forced in. Yet it was nice to find out more about them, and to know the full story behind someone. So…I don’t know.

Do you REALLY want to know what boys do in private?