Fuck you Sunako (and Muroi)

I think this post is mostly spoiler-free, because it’s also mostly content-free. But you probably shouldn’t read it until you’ve watched the finale.

Damn emo lolis ruining my horror show

(America!) Fuck yeah! Tell it to that whiny little brat! ... and no speeches!

I haven’t hated a character this much since the whole Spinzaku debacle. I did have a lot of sympathy for Megumi and her ridiculously burgeoning bosom though. Can’t say I was thrilled with the ending, but I didn’t hate it as much as I feared. I guess that’s what happens when they split the difference between my “good” and “bad” endings. Overall, the episode was good quality, but I give it a thumbs down, because I had to listen to that insufferable loli go wah, wah, wah into the night. On the plus side, it sparked a fun discussion on twitter with chronolynx, which is something any good show should do.

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  1. The ending felt so incomplete.. I really hope that theres a season 2 😀 Overall the series was fun to watch, the beginning had a really slow start but I’m glad I didn’t drop this show ^^

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty remarkable how my perception of the show changed, especially after moving so slowly for the first 75% of the season. But the last 1/4 was just non stop thrills. I doubt we’ll see a season 2 though.

    1. It’s so embarrassing that the TOUGHEST guy in the show was taken out by the WEAKEST guy on the show. Couldn’t he have at least been taken out by Tatsumi or some other stronger enemy? 😕

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