Ga-rei-zero, episode 11


This time it was Kagura’s turn to hesitate and cost someone their life. The beast battle was pretty awesome, and Kagura’s dad was doing a number on Yomi, until she diverted his attention by attacking Kagura and sliced him in half. To be honest, I thought he was dead then and there. It wouldn’t have been the first time that someone was literally chopped into pieces by Yomi. I’m guessing the death stone at least kept him alive a little while longer.


I’m curious to see why the stone seems to falter at times, letting the user slip back into humanity. I hope they explain it. Otherwise, it feels like a bit of deus ex machina.


While this episode felt like a bridge to the finale, it wasn’t without its share of action and tragedies: Kagura’s dad, Kiri-chan, Nabuu 1, maybe the director. I do have to admit that I cracked up a little when I saw the director’s wheelchair. GRZ hasn’t been shy about using strange weapons (would you ever fight with a briefcase?), but that wheelchair takes the cake. When she was rushing Yomi, it reminded me of the Rocket Emperor Charles scene from Geass.

So now Kagura takes Byakuei and heads for the final showdown with Yomi. I hope Noriyuki makes an entrance as well.

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