Ga-rei-zero, episode 3 – extended flashback time

don't call me sister!

So after the chaotic first two episodes of GRZ in which Yomi established herself as a bad-ass, probably non-human killing machine, with an intense dislike of being called “sister,” this episode (and future episodes) takes a long step back in time to provide us some background on Yomi and Kagura’s relationship.


It was a chance meeting between two daughters of renowned spirit warriors (or whatever they exactly are). Kagura having just lost her mother during own of the battles gets sent to live with Yomi and her father.


They quickly develop a sisterly relationship that includes sword-fighting and video game beatdowns. Judging by that controller, I’m guessing the flashback takes place during 1999-2000? The Dreamcast era? Little details like these amuse me.


While the episode wasn’t devoid of action, with a couple short, but impressive looking fights interspersed, the episode really focuses on building the initial meet-and-greet and the subsequent relationship between Yomi and Kagura. The tone of the episode takes a complete 180 turn from the previous two episodes. You’d think they were two different series. Even the music takes on a more whimsical nature, as they stay away from the thumping rock and techno tracks even during the battle scenes. The writers do a great job building that relationship and turning both Yomi and Kagura into relatable, likeable characters. And knowing what we know about how things turned out, seeing them get along so well, and seeing Yomi really take on her old sister role with such gusto, you can’t help but look forward to find out what went down between them.

the ill-fated facebook profile pic

On another note, I can’t believe Kaoru Mizuhara does the voice of Yomi. I loved her as Misao in Lucky Star, the very little screen time that Misao got. A very underrated character. But she does a great job as Yomi, pulling off a strong, mature voice with a little bit of silliness mixed in (which is when you can hear a hint of Misao)