Ga-rei-zero, episode 5

Ga-rei-zero continues with another lighthearted, character-driven episode. After focusing on Yomi, Kagura and their relationship for the last couple episodes, this episode gets the whole agency involved to a larger degree, and focuses on Yomi and Izuna’s relationship/arranged engagement.


Yomi and Izuna, a.k.a pipe-fox man, get into an argument when Izuna doesn’t take well to Yomi’s use of perfume, which leads to a near showdown between mythical beasts. This leads Kagura to devise up a plan in which she proposes normal guy Sakuraba, and then the Nabuu twins to jump Yomi, to get Izuna to come save the day, and win Yomi’s love.


This leads to a pretty funny scene in which both Sakuraba and Nabuu back out vehemently, when they point out that Yomi would pretty much kill them. It’s funny, because it’s true. Ultimately, this leads to a plan B, in which Ayame, the wheelchair-bound agency leader, hatches a plan to have her assistant, Kiri, pretend to put the moves on Izuna, thereby forcing Yomi’s feelings to rise.

Per the usual with romantic get-together plans, Plan B leads to hilarity and hijinks, but ultimately turns out no-better than Kagura’s plan A probably would’ve turned out. On the plus side, no one gets killed. On the downside, Izuna and Yomi get into a slapfest, which ends when Yomi nearly punches a whole through Izuna.


Kagura finally saves the day and apologizes and gets Yomi and Izuna back on seemingly good terms. The joke is on all of them though, because all of the fighting was a charade and these two lovebirds are actually on perfectly fine terms.


A short subplot in the show is the introduction of an apparent villain, or at least Yomi’s rival. Perhaps the more appropriate heir apparent to the carrying on the Isayama family line, Mei turns out to be a pretty nifty spirit warrior herself, but apparently has some shady plans to get her way in power.

All in all, this was probably the most light-hearted, funniest episode of the series yet. My guess is that they take a turn back towards the more serious, plot-driven elements, because it seems like all of the major characters and relationships have been introduced. Unfortunately, the 12 episode season is probably going to limit their ability to go much deeper into the relationships, but on the other hand, it does keep the pacing brisk.

I mentioned before that I was surprised to find that Kaoru Mizuhara was doing the vo for Yomi, I forgot to mention that I’m equally surprised that Minori Chihara is the voice of Kagura. It’s such a departure from the quiet characters I’m used to her doing (Yuki Nagato, Minami from Lucky Star and Chiaki in Minami-Ke), but she’s doing a fantastic job of giving Kagura that cute and spunky, sort-of, but not-so-little kid vibe.

On another note, this is the last episode I watched to before I decided  to stop and catch up from a writing standpoint. So no more prescient posts from me.

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