Ga-rei-zero, episode 9

The good thing about marathoning a series is there’s no cliffhanger you can’t overcome.

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So apparently Yomi wasn’t dead. She was just horribly maimed. Also it turns out the BBB did have a nice little discussion with Yomi. Luckily, it explained quite a bit. Like why it seemed so much more powerful than Tsuchimiya’s Byakuei death stone, and what exactly that new Defense Ministry was doing.

Also, interestly enough, apparently once you kill a human who once had the stone, there’s no sign that they ever had the stone or were demonic in any sense. Yomi may have killed Mei anyway, but I wonder if she might have hesitated and re-thought it if she knew that.

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The scenes between Kagura and Yomi were really touching, especially when she was lamenting about wanting to have just been normal sisters with Yomi. It felt believable, realistic. They were feelings you could empathize with.

I was disappointed that the team doubted her and even Kagura slips a bit at the end. I would have thought that they would have a little more faith in her than they showed. You fight in life and death situations with some people, you’d hope that they’d get your back. All that on top of the pain and suffering and learning that her engagement has been broken off, just sets up the perfect moment for the BBB to step in.

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The final scene with the BBB was really well done. BBB plays the role of Emperor Palpatine to a T. The unusually… erotic conversion scene aside (was he holding the stone in his mouth at one point?), he comes in at the perfect point. When Yomi has nothing, when seemingly everyone has deserted her, and right after the moment where even the one person she expected to trust falters. In these scenes where the good guy turns bad, a lot of times, I feel like the reasons are forced. But in this case, I don’t think they could have timed it and set things up better. I don’t know how anyone could have possibly resisted. Spectacular.

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