Going back in time – Ga-rei-Zero, episode 1

Index was boring me, so I decided to not write about it. There’s only so many times I can say the same thing. Too slow, too much talk, too boring. So I thought I’d pick up a different show to write about. One I picked up on a whim, but have been pleasantly surprised by.

To be fair, I will say that there’s no way for me to not give away spoilers when talking about the first episode. So if you haven’t seen it, you shouldn’t read any further and ruin the surprises. Because there is one heckuva twist at the end. So consider yourself forewarned.


This is the way to start a dark anime, no OP, no show credits, nothing. Just straight to the scene.

I really like the character models they use in the show, but the monster models leave more to be desired, as they look pretty blasé. But the animation was very fluid and the action scenes looked great, even with all the dark colors and shadows.


Take a good look at our cast and band of misfits, as this’ll be the last time you’ll probably see them.


Natsuki and her motorcycle monster killin’ technique was pretty awesome, I must say. The music is due a special mention, as it ebbs and flows in between a rock and a orchestral-techno sound during the action scenes which fits the mood perfectly and pumps you up. It’s appropriately epic and hopeful sounding.


The good guys successfully fight off a bigger brother monster…


And then crap hits the fan, as a secret killer makes its way through and kills everyone on the team, one by one. Including our heroes.


The face of a killer. Get used to her.


And then it ends. To a black screen, rolling credits and the sounds of a burning flame.

I have to admit that I accidentally ran across some spoilers, so I knew what was coming. But even as I was watching and waiting for it, it still came as a slight surprise and gave me chills. I credit the writing and the music for that. I got so wrapped up and pumped up, rooting for these guys, even though I hadn’t really become attached to them, that it still came as a shock for the whole cast to be killed off. And then to have the show end without an ED, and just having the ambient fire sound playing over the credits was like I mentioned, chilling.

And I got to thinking, would they kill of the cast again in the next episode? Would something else equivalently epic occur? Who knew. Suddenly, anything and everything was possible in this anime.