Gundam 00 – What the heck is this!?

Spoilers ahoy!

Man, the latest Gundam episode had me hooked:

  • Feldt in the OP (although the song’s not as good as the first one)
  • Ian’s reaction to being on earth.
  • Ribbons revealing that he was the man behind the Gundam 0 mask, as well as Setsuna being recommended for Celestial Being
  • Tieria busting out Seraphim, and finally not getting his ass whooped, because his regular mobile suit has the maneuverability of a cinder block
  • Good battle between Setsuna and Ali Al-Saachez (I bet this is the last time Setsuna steps out of his mobile suit like an idiot)

And then when Setsuna had Ali’s demise within his grasp, Sunrise busts out this crap:

gundam00Alright. I can believe in massive, super-powered, evolving robots that fly, shooting particle beams in space, to create a world where there’s no war. BUT where I draw the line of suspended disbelief is a random piano being dragged out from a bunker into the middle of the desert, so Marina, the useless former queen of a country that doesn’t exist anymore, and a handful of kids can sing a hopeful song that reaches everyone within a 10 mile radius. Including the stone cold, driven former child soldier, which results in him letting the bad guy to get away! Unbelievable. No matter how many times you watch it.

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