Hanasaku Iroha 02

Within a few minutes, we learn that Ohana’s mom is even more terrible then she seemed in the first episode. Well, not exactly terrible. She’s more of a self-centered and negligent mother who appears to rearrange her life to make room for her daughter’s needs. What she says to her daughter is harsh, and she’s so cheerful as she says it.

Funny thing is, while Ohana’s grandmother may be incredibly strict and cold, I’m sure she’s a lot more reliable then Ohana’s mom. After all, the lady has the discipline needed to keep the inn running, and that includes constant dedication to the job.

Within episode 2, the picture begins to form as why Ohana is failing to be any help at the inn. Her mother taught her not to rely on anyone else, so Ohana rather then ask anyone else, tries to figure out by herself what needs to be done, and then tries to do it herself. Except the inn works because it has a precise way of way doing things, and everyone being in-sync with how things are done. With Ohana doing whatever instead of finding out the ropes, she’s upsetting the order that makes things run like clockwork, and causing more harm then good.

The two of you barely know each other Ohana. She's going to think you're coming on to her.

This is exactly what Ohana comes to realize over the course of the episode, and that she’s going to have to open herself and rely on the others if she has any hopes of surviving at the inn. Realizing is the first step, actually doing so may be easier said then done. Ohana also finds a healthy way to vent her frustration and anger at the other girls by simply cooking the foods they don’t like.

In this episode, a little is revealed about the other girls, although the still remain mysteries. I’m left to wonder about Nako, who’s lack of information ended up causing Ohana to make another blunder and serious trouble for the inn. Was that a vindictive action on her part, or does she simply have trouble talking to others? I still have mixed feelings if Ohana’s covering her was the right thing to to do or not. What Nako did seriously hurt the inn as a whole.

Minko’s revealed that despite all her hard work, someone who messes up in the kitchen frequently. We’re on episode 2, and she’s gotten in trouble twice for botching things. I really want to see her story in detail, but I’m guessing she’s stuck in a frustrating position where she wants to be a cook, but isn’t good at the basics.

The ending to this episode was an intense one. How quickly things change. One moment I’m laughing at Ohana reading the draft and not understanding what she’s found is smut, and the next I’m recoiling in horror, hoping the series doesn’t go in that direction. I’m not comfortable with molestation or rape and would personally find that really upsetting, as well as a tad too depressing. It’s not as if this anime is short on depressing circumstances for our main character as is.