Hanasaku Iroha 05

This episode was strange. I had a hard time getting into it because the beginning was so awful, I’d try to watch, give up, try to watch, give up. Yet once I got past the beginning, the episode had moments that actually had the feel of the first and second episode. Yet, when this episode sucked, it really really sucked.

The main problem this episode had is that the drama fell flat. It was really obvious from the get-go that everyone was jumping to conclusions, and wrong about why Tohru had left. Thus it was impossible to worry about Tohru leaving because the audience knew he wasn’t.

Then there was the scene where Ohana run to the other hot springs place and yells at them about stealing Tohru. Totally. Inappropriate.  I felt secondhand embarrassment for her. She just made her establishment look really bad, and oh Ohana. This scene filled me with so much range.

Ohana, when you're being physically restrained, you crossed a line.

Yet the scenes where Ohana struggled to help Minko were so well done, and heartfelt. The point where Ohana realizes she doesn’t get at all what’s going on and that’s she incapable of understanding her pain. Hanasaku Iroha badly needs more of this scenes and less of the above crud.

I did also enjoy finding out why Minko was so attached to Tohru, that he let her become an apprentice despite her having no skill. I hope at some point we get to see Minko start to improve as all well have seen is her making mistakes with her cooking.

This episode demonstrated this show hasn’t lost it yet. Which is hard. I would rather know rather it’s lost it or not rather then continue to be teased every week.