Happy animes for sad days

Earlier today I had to put my first-and-only, longtime dog to sleep after many years of camaraderie. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. Since the moment I had to leave him behind, I’ve been torn by two different feelings. One by guilt, wondering whether a couple more days might have changed anything, and one by longing, not for the sadness that comes in the immediate aftermath, but for the good memories I have. But right now, it’s difficult to focus not on the sadness, but the happy memories.

So I’ve been spending the rest of my day watching “happy” animes to pass time, cheer up, manage, cope, whatever you want to call it. Watching random episodes of shows like Lucky Star, the first season of Minami-ke and Ichigo Mashimaro. And it got me thinking about how brilliant slices of life are because they’re so simple and dependable. For whatever reason, I can go back and watch an episode of Lucky Star and laugh at the exact same parts I did when I watched it before. The show isn’t any less amusing, the jokes aren’t any less funnier. And in fact, I might even appreciate it more, because I understand more of the references.

Anyway, I end this post with a toast, a thought and an image:

  • Cheers to the best dog I could have ever had. You brought more joy to our lives than I could have ever imagined when I first brought you home.
  • The thought being I hope there’s a dog park in heaven. Even though he’d probably escape the dog park and start romping around and messing up some cloud gardens.
  • And the image being a gununu, just because for some strange reason I find it amusing and that it cheers me up.

11 Replies to “Happy animes for sad days”

  1. Nothing, NOTHING beats ARIA or YKK for its sheer relaxation factor. Hmm, I guess some of the recent shows from HALFilm Maker (which made ARIA, and also Sketchbook ~ Full Colors, and Someday’s Dreamers: Summer Sky) count I guess…

  2. Of course there’s plenty of other good ones to choose from as well. 😀 The above were just the first ones that just popped into mind for whatever reason.

    1. I do love Aria, but I think it’s got a hint of melancholy that I wanted to avoid.

      But all this talk about Aria has made me realize I’ve gotta get around to watching the Origination.

  3. Whenever I feel down, I always watch My Neighbor Niggah Totoro. Now that has got to be the blackest, most gangsta-for-shiz Rabbit I’ve ever known, and, you being a Rabbit Poet, it would fit perfectly! (hmmm, I get the feeling you’ve already seen it though)

    Another good one that wasn’t mentioned here is Hidamari Sketch. Good times =3

    1. haha, he could be a rabbit couldn’t he? I think of him as a big… umm, owl-bear-mouse type thingy.

      Actually you read my mind, i dloaded HS earlier this week. I’ve been meaning to check it out for a while now. It can replace Saki, that whole Mahjong thing is not working for me.

      1. I think of him as a big… umm, owl-bear-mouse type thingy

        WTF?!?!? I’VE NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED IN MY LIFE!!! Cmon Totoro, lets go to KFC/Popeyes Chicken where we won’t be DISCRIMINATED against! You-you-you RACIST!!! 👿 *hmph*

        lol @ Saki. Yea, I’ve been hearing mixed things about that. Maybe I would watch it if I knew Mahjong, it does seem like a pretty cool game.

        and yea, I also think Totoro is somewhat of a bear-owl, but mouse? This ain’t no Disney pal! 😆 (btw, why don’t spoiler tags work? D=)

        1. I calls em as I sees em. Totoro’s clearly got mouse whiskers and mousey ears. He’s at least 1/4 mouse. :mrgreen:

          Hmm, I’ll have to check on the spoiler tags. I must be missing a plugin.

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