Haruhi Suzumiya, Endless Eight, Part 4 – Round and round we go

This post only exists because I’m a completionist and don’t want to leave any episodes out. I’ll put up with several more iterations of Endless Eight before I skip posting about it.

Haruhi hits a homerun 
I noticed there was a particular K-ON influence on the girl’s designs this week.

Anyway, I liked the more tense atmosphere and the more bizarre background music. But I don’t like how they keep building things up like there’s going to be something different, and then ending it on the same note as the previous episodes. At least KyoAni gave us a break between the last episode which was the 15,499th event, and this episode, which was was the 15,513th event. That’s 13 repetitions of Endless Eight we got to skip out on. That’s progress, right? KyoAni’s being gracious, right? Right? Ok, fine. I admit it, unless the resolution differs from how it’s written in the novel, the execution is fail. Next arc PLEASE!

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