Hen Zemi – First Impressions

I would close my mouth if I were you.

My face is still frozen in horror. Did anyone else (other than the two in the screenshot above) share this reaction?

Hen Zemi is unique; one of a kind.

The characters are matchless. You have the professor, Meshiya Kenji, who delights in the abnormal. He is the leader of this charming bunch. There are six students in the seminar. First up is Mizukoshi Miwako, the brightest student (according to the professor) in the seminar, who observed the maturation of flies inside an ear – her ear. There is Musashi Komugi, who while wearing an adult diaper, walked around and socialized with people around him. He’s also a NTR who is currently dating Mizukoshi. There is also Ichikawa Hishiyasu who snaps pictures of people’s undergarments as they walk down a certain flight of stairs. Two other students introduced in this episode are Taguchi Yesterday and Gregory Makiko. Little detail about them was revealed in this episode.

is totally normal. (I kid. It's not.)

The odd ball in the seminar is Matsutaka Nananko, who is possibly the only normal person within the bunch. She is innocent compared to everyone else. Her report on farting in the bathtub was rejected by the professor. The professor even exclaimed how he wishes Matsutaka was more like Mizukoshi. *shudder* I think it’s a wonderful thing that she isn’t.

I cannot say I enjoyed this episode. I enjoyed it up until the scene where the viewers were introduced to Mizukoshi’s research. It was hard to get through it after that. I don’t understand the humor of this series, which is why I do not find it funny. It crosses the line of funny into the realm of disturbing.

The others in the seminar are tolerable. I find their actions and research to be rather tame in comparison to Mizukoshi – her research really traumatized me. I think I would not have minded it as much, if I was gradually eased into the abnormality of the seminar.

I would not really advise people who get grossed out easily to watch this. But if you’re curious about what abnormal things the students in the seminar does, go check it out. After all, it doesn’t hurt to waste 12 minutes of your life.