Heroman 04: Ultima Heroman

Poor Stan Lee. He’s looks so cramped and unhappy.

At this point, I’m actually preferring Will to Joey. Sure, Will has dumb motives, but he’s actually trying to do something to help the people. Joey’s just useless. Seriously. Tell him Will’s missing. Joey thinks he’ll just show up despite the killer aliens running around. Course, Joey has every reason not to give a rat’s butt about Will, but it’s still a come-on moment. The professor has to spell it out Joey that Heroman is their only hope.

Though when we get to the action part of the story, the fact that Heroman has potential to just BE PLAIN AWESOME. Joey and the Professor try to outsmart the ball and use their brains and it push it into a trap. But the ball is having none of that logic and intelligence stuff, and crawls right out.

So Heroman has no choice but to go head on with the giant ball of doom. To me, watching him fall to bits was actually pretty upsetting. It was upsetting to Joey too. However, Heroman has no interest in tears, and uses some strange ESP to tell Joey to stop with the waterworks and man up. Course, Joey makes what he says sound so much nicer, but that’s basically what it is.

Then Heroman turns into an ultima version of himself or something, gets huge, and takes on the ball. By the end, he hasn’t defeated the ball, and more are coming to earth. Everyone is evacuated, so some serious destruction can now take place. As if it hadn’t already…

Does any of this make sense? No, of course not. But at this point, no viewer should be expecting anymore then mindless awesome. Unfortunately, the show is being hampered by Joey’s wimpiness as a main character. Seriously, Heroman should lend Joey some of his manliness. He has some to spare.

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