Heroman 10: Three Months Later…

I do like the Heroman isn’t saying “Well, three months have passed and everything is hunky-doary.” but rather that it’s been three months, and the town is still devastated and still recovering from the Skrugg did. I mean, it’s obvious that this would be the case, but I like this touch of realism. This is what I like about Heroman. Yes, it clichéd, the character designs are absurd, and well, the fact the president has sideburns, but that aside, it takes these clichés and add these elements of realistic results of these disasters. Also, dang it, I would want to get my picture taken with one of these spheres. Maybe put it as my profile pic. Stupid American tourist for the win.

Wish you were with this sphere guys!

So yeah, life is normal again and it isn’t. Although it just so happens, the government is carefully monitoring Center City and is trying to A) find Heroman whom they call all sorts of goofy nicknames and B) thinks he’s a threat because he’s not under their control. Just wait until they discover the wasted taxpayers’ money on a kid in high school. It also so happens that the mad scientist dude has been deployed to Center City to help with clean-up efforts. It’s nice and a little unrealistic to see that the government cares so much.

That's what happened to the eyebrow chick from Gundam Wing!

Will and Lina’s parting. It is impossible for Will to ever go back to the human world, although he’d be one hell of a football player, but it was still kinda sad. I wonder if Lina told her parents what happened or just let them think he just vanished?

Stan Lee is so awesome.

Ah, and while Joey can say nice things, he’s really downright fails at making time for Lina. Although it’s typical Marvel that something pops up to interfere with the couples. If anyone read old Spiderman, Mary Jane and Peter Parker took forever before the actually SAW each other.

It could be worse. You could be a failed drug addicted actress who dies in Joey arms after he kills you. We'll see after Frank Miller decides to direct Heroman.

The whole kidnapping thing was really stupid, but I can see how it leads to Hughes discovering Heroman. However, the ending was cute. Seems the series is going to be a little slow for now as they build up to the next arch, and I’ll be realizing just how much (or how little) I care for these characters.

Joey looking pretty bad-a

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