Heroman 11: It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me

Joey’s quite excited about his date. Seriously though, what is his reading? Are those a bunch of girl’s magazines he got from the Supermarket, or what? Oh Joey…

Heroman is too manly to care about your first date.

And new character time in the form of Joey’s rock and roll sister, Holly, who has more testosterone then Joey ever will. Hurling your suitcases against the wall is pretty crazy, but kinda bad-a at the same time. Although through her tough exterior is the loving sister as one would have to be a loving sister to bring home her brother a dirty magazine. I have no idea what purpose she’ll serve to the plot though.


I do feel that Joey’s constant yelling and screaming to whatever his sister does is much more anything then his sister is.

Also, Agent Hughes. He’s pretty damn awesome. Totally worth waiting ten episodes for. So it turns out Mr. Mad Scientist isn’t in Center City because it’d be cute, but rather, something more. Won’t know what that is for awhile though. I am interested to see what Hughes next move will be now that he’s seen Heroman.

I did really like the song Joey’s sister sang at the end. I’d be complaining about all the music in anime more if I didn’t like it so dang much.

The episode was pretty much split between introducing Joey’s sister to us, and watching Hughes prove that he’s one cool dude. While not the most action packed episode, I enjoyed it a lot. I like Holly, and I look forward to watching this arc unfold.

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  1. IMO, i think Heroman’s gotten a lot better since the Skrugg were defeated. Mainly because i’m a nut who likes it when the US Government gets involved with anything.

    That may also be because i’m a conspiracy Theorist. Bah.

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