Heroman 12: First Date

Oh man, Joey’s date was hilarious, and not in a good way. I mean, there was Lina’s outfit which is designed to cover as little as possible.

What is she wearing?

Then there was the whole group of stalkers watching Joey and Lina. First it was Psy and Denton, as Psy was trying to make the excuse of it being his duty as his best friend to watch Joey. Psy, stop trying. No matter what you say, you come off creepy. Holly joins in, but it fits her character anyway. It’s when Joey’s teacher, who’s barely appeared in the anime, joins the stalking the group that it enters true ridiculousness. Why not throw in Stan Lee and a few more characters that make no sense while you’re at it?

And then I have to wonder about Lina’s true motives with her outfit, taking Joey swimming in her bikini, and then treating him to raw oysters. Although Joey’s too innocent for any of this to appear on his radar.

Romance fail

I will admit the ending scene at the Amusement Park was cute, although part of this was off-set by me wondering if this were real life, wouldn’t they fall off? Lina was also pretty good natured about Joey having to cut off the date to go protect the city, kudos to her for that.

Heroman being Heroman, by the end of the anime, we’ve returned to the serious tone. Hughes now knows that Joey is related to Heroman, and Heroman’s identity has also been captured by the media. Perhaps a dramatic next episode?

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  1. I’m not gonna lie… I found Lina to be quite sexy in that outfit, despite her age.

    Yeah, i know, ridiculous, but still. <_<

    Gotta admit, found it pretty funny when Denton thought that Joey would be on a date with Psy instead of Lina, and his reaction after hearing that he scored a date with Lina. lol

    Gotta love Holly though. she's the right kind of Jerkass sister.

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