Heroman 13: Run away!

And Heroman has a new opening and ending theme. I really like the new opening theme, while the forty seconds of depressed people was a little weird, everything else was really cool (Stan Lee action pose for the win!) and I really liked the song.

Joey’s now wanted by the government. Although when they go to visit his house, they bump into Holly. Holly talking to the government officials is pretty darn amusing. Have I said I like Holly yet? I like Holly.

Joey’s long gone though. I have to wonder, we know about Joey’s family situation, but don’t Psy’s parents ever wonder why he’s constantly running off? Especially with that injury and all. Oh anime magic, you never fail to impress!.

Poor Psy. It does seem really unfair, to have saved the world only for the government to be, “Okay, your criminals now.”

Welcome to the real world.

Their escape plan to get out of Center City, while I don’t know the practicality, I liked it. The fireworks were a nice touch. So was the narrow coal mine escape.

I’m really impressed with the direction Heroman is taking. It’s still containing those lulzy elements I enjoy but don’t distract from the story. The story itself has taken a really serious vibe, and for now it’s a very strong direction. It’s incredibly surprising, but surprising in a pleasing sense.

A cowboy and a gangster! That's not suspicious at all!

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  1. Glad to see this show didn’t completely fail in the end. If I manage to knock a few of the series of my ‘to watch’ list, maybe there’ll be room to give Heroman a second chance.

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