Heroman 14: The stupid made my brain hurt

With no internet access here on campus until Monday, and no K-On downloaded past what I’ve watched, I’m returning to Heroman, which I am woefully behind on. With episode 14, we open up to Professor Denton giving Joey a hard time about how if he hopes to survive he has to be alert all the time, and get more powerful then he already is. Give the kid a break, he’s what, fourteen, and already saved the world from an alien invasion. Way to be a jerk.

Although I suppose he’s got a point. I mean, as soon as they stop to eat, they find they’re being shown on the news, reported as missing. Well, Joey and Denton are anyway. Psy isn’t. Seriously, what the heck? Why does no one care he’s gone? At least Psy is with the program to realize that he’s gotten the short end of the stick once again, and comments on it. Poor Psy. He should be the hero, really.

I'm really that unimportant?

Also, these may be the stupidest trio on the run I’ve ever seen. Only two of are wanted by the law, so send the wanted ones shopping and let the chopped liver sit in the car. This makes perfect sense! Then Joey calls on a payphone, which can possibly be traced. Way to go. And of course it is. Then the big bads are fighting, hinting who is actually good, and who is truly evil here. And my brain in stuck in ‘So stupid’ mode.

No one in the grocery store likes me...

The episode leads to yet another try to escape from the government, which this times fails. Denton and Psy are captured, and Hughes confronts Joey.

He's kinda psycho.

I was pretty pissed off with the lack of brainpower in this episode, was honestly, I’ve been excited to see what the eventual showdown between Joey and Denton would be like. So while this episode disappointed, I’m hopeful for the next one.

It's my show now!

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  1. I am assuming the pushing of Denton towards Joey about his powers has to do with the whole super hero shtick and great power comes responsibility etc. But yeah, the entire lack of logic throughout the episode was pretty “facepalm” inducing.

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