Heroman 16: Sock-im Robots!

I have to be blunt, I think part of the reason I’m having trouble catching up on Heroman is I just don’t care about the characters or the story that much. At this point, what interest I had has been completely lost. Rest assured, I will catch up and finish the series, its just a bit of a struggle.

Alright, where were we? Right, Dr. Minami just ignored orders from the president. Nothing could wrong with that, right?


Oh no he didn’t.


Not a good choice. Enjoy your Bad End Minami.

Most of this episode was the showdown between Dr. Minami’s robot and Heroman. It was a pretty decent fight. The two were pretty evenly matched, and while it wasn’t overly cool or engaging, it wasn’t boring either. Just decent.

During the fight, our bumbling media crew finally gets there and starts doing a live broadcast. Apparently they’re pretty popular, as their broadcast reaches the president.

I can imagine the President pouting on the inside as he wonders why no one listens to him.

Hughes explains Minami’s motivations to Joey, either in an attempt to garner sympathy for the guy, or state the obvious. With this show, I’m not sure which.


Even if his dog died, he’s still a grown man picking on a kid at least half his age…most pathetic thing ever.

The entire battle takes a dramatic turn as Dr. Minami shoots at the dam while trying to hit Heroman, possibly beating Joey for the dumbest person on this show award (and hey, at least Joey has a good heart). Heroman then uses himself as a shield to protect the dam, and takes a lot of damage. This is caught on broadcast so everyone can see what a great guy Heroman is.


Holly: Hm, this toothpaste is minty.

Thanks to some nifty hydropower from the dam, electricity is used to repair Heroman, and then he kicks Minami’s butt for good. Minami goes to jail, everyone’s happy, and this arc ends.


Aw…the president is a mecha fanboy.

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