Highschool of the Dead, episode 2: Tag teams

Alright, screw your proper spellings. I shall follow the brainless zombie masses in this massacre of the English language.


Turn off your brains and just enjoy the ride, right? (Ok, no more braaainzzz jokes). The episode picks up where we left off at the end of the first episode with Takashi and Rei figuring out what to next on the school roof. Rei tries to call her dad, and while she gets a hold of him, he can’t hear that it’s her and the phone cuts off as he gets drawn into a shootout. I think the chemistry and tension between the Rei and Takashi is really nicely done. There’s a good bit of romantic tension between the two. If it weren’t terribly opportunistic and sleazy, Takashi could’ve gone in for the consolatory hug, squeeze and kiss. Bonus points to him for holding off.


Basically, this episode focuses on uniting the three different tag teams. Tag team #2 introduces us to Shizuka, the nurse with the literally knockout boobs and… ridiculous bouncing sound effects. Who do you think she slept with to get this job? Because I certainly don’t trust her medical knowledge. Her people skills could use some work too. Nothing like telling a valiant student, who’s busy sacrificing his life to save yours, that you didn’t know his name. Instantly unlikeable. However, she’s saved from certain death (for now) by the strong and silent kendo team member, Saeko. True to her character she doesn’t even hesitate to offer to kill the hapless nameless student before he turns into a zombie. That’s ballsy.


Meanwhile, tag team #3 teams up Saya, the bratty, pink haired genius and Kouta, a fatass otaku, who turns out to be a baller with some shop tools. Listening to him go gun otaku, and MacGyvering a nail gun rifle was one of the coolest scenes of the episode. Sadly, I think think his increasing attachment to Saya (cuter as a megane!) just skyrocketed his death chances.


At the end of the episode, the three teams finally meet by chance when tag team #1 and 2 overhear Saya shrieking as she desperately bores a hole into a zombie’s head, out of self defense. But rather than a sense of relief, Saya’s jealousy (and adrenaline) rages out of control, and she rips into Rei, before seeing her bloody self in a mirror and breaking down on Saeko’s shoulders.

So, what’s the mark of a good episode? How ’bout one where I couldn’t recall whether there was a mid-episode eyecatch or not, and was surprised at how quickly the end of the episode came.  Time flew by, and it was a fun watch. They were able to keep up the pace, there was a lot of action, lots of tension. The only thing that sucked was Shizuka’s ridiculously out of place bouncy sound effects (although her breasts knocking out Kouta was the funniest moment of the show so far).

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It’s polling time! (So rare!) Shinmaru has a good rundown of the characters and his thoughts on their death odds. I agree with most of it, but my one disagreement is with Kouta. If before he might’ve survived for a while just because of his likely cowardice, things got complicated when we see that he’s actually a damn good shot, and more distressingly, he’s found someone to protect. I think of the 6, Kouta’s gotta be the first to go. Obviously in a scuffle to save Saya. I would guess Saya comes next, just because Takashi can’t have two love interests, and they’re certainly not going to keep the B-interest. After that… I would guess Saeko, likely in a sacrifice situation where she stays behind to give the other three a chance. After that, Shizuka would be the no-brainer, since neither the Takashi x Shizuka nor the Rei x Shizuka pairing makes any sense. But that’s just my best guess. What do you all think? (Obviously, if you know because you read the manga, don’t spoil the beans.)

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  1. Shizuka will stay alive due to her ample fanservice. It’s true!

    You put forth a persuasive argument for Kouta biting it first. Saya being left behind would pave the way for a major guilt trip, especially if Kouta sacrifices himself for her.

  2. Shizuka was in collage practicing to be a Nurse. but was sent over to be the temporary nurse of the school for training

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