Highschool of the dead, episode 3: Escape

The most unbelievable part about this episode was the idea that the whole world would be in pandemonium – except that London would be in order. Ha! Those hooligans? Now, that’s stretching my sense of disbelief.


While I appreciated the history lesson about epidemics from both Shizuka, the bouncing nurse and Saya, the bitchy genius, I couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of a couple minutes. Like Kouta mentions, in this case the dead aren’t preventing the spread of the disease, they are the disease. And I don’t think a vaccine is going to prevent this epidemic. However! If this was merely an attempt to show Shizuka as being more than a bouncy bimbo… eh, I can’t say I was impressed. Just name dropping the Black Death doesn’t make me want to hand deliver her to Mensa. But I guess at the very least, it’s good to know she has some basic level of intelligence.


Anyway, The gang begin their escape from the school, along the way they manage to save four of their classmates. Seeing as how none of them received a name, their futures were obviously looking grim. However in order to escape without launching what could be a suicide attack requires them to test Saya’s theory that the zombies only react to sound. Takashi volunteers, like the good male lead he is, to be the guinea pig, which leads to a really nice, tense scene in which he has to stand amongst a group of zombies hoping they don’t notice him. While there wasn’t really much doubt that he’d be ok, I thought they used sound, or the absence thereof besides a steady dark heart beat, really well to amp up the tension.


But things go awry when one of the nameless manages to make a huge racket on the stairwell, forcing everyone to make a break for the bus. One of the nameless gets caught and killed, leading to his girlfriend to throw herself after him. Only in death, do they finally receive names. And his name was Robert Paulson. Actually it was Takuzo, but who cares. They’re both dead.


However, before they leave, a few more students manage to follow them to the bus. Unfortunately, and to Rei’s fierce protests, a creepy teacher named Shidou also manages to get on the bus. Of course, not before he kicks a fallen student in the face instead of helping him to the bus. I don’t know if Takashi and everyone missed that, but at that point, I would’ve left the bastard behind.


As if life wasn’t difficult enough with zombies trying to eat you, now the gang has to deal with bitchy students and a creepy teacher who wants to be Captain Kangaroo of this little court. What possible benefits one would get out of being the "leader" of a group running for their lives is completely lost to me. It’s certainly not the same as being President of the US. Heck, it’s not even President of the student council. But Shidou’s leader-mongering finally drives Rei to her limit and she leaves the bus.


You gotta give HSOD credit. They know what the audience wants. And they balance the action well. As soon as Takashi leaves the bus to chase after Rei, a zombie filled bus comes crashing down the highway, splitting Rei and Takashi up from the rest of the group. But not before Rei tells Saeko to meet up at the East Police Station, either today or tomorrow.


After Rei saves Takashi from a helmet-wearing zombie, Takashi hops on the discarded motorcycle to head into town. Rei and Takashi have become quite a team. I’ve completely forgotten the name of Rei’s original boyfriend. I bet she has too. Well, it’s understandable when you’re running for your life and saving each others lives. There’s nothing like saving someone’s life to get that spark of chemistry going. They’ve also crossed the line into likeable, I’d say. While they still don’t have much personality, they don’t whine, they fight well, and they’re willing to help others out. You know, all hallmarks of being a good person. Plus, it looks that much better when you’re traveling with a vicious guy who kicked a helpless student in the face.

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So nobody from the main gang kicked the bucket in this episode. And I think they should all be safe for at least a few more episodes. But now the psycho teacher, Shidou has thrown a bit of a wrench into things. He’s clearly going to die at some point, but I’m going to guess that he causes someone from the main gang to die first. I’m still sticking with Kouta, but I think Shizuka should watch her back too. (Same disclaimer as last week. If you know because you read the manga, don’t spoil the beans.)

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  1. when all the students like the Hannataro from bleach look alike the girl at the Back’s Name is Yuuki Miku according to a student that is now one of THEM ( this shows name for the zombies) is the Schools sexiest and possibley rumored biggest slut (this was in an Omake taking place before the story talking about all the girls in the story) Yuuki despite being just a back ground in this episode actully does become enough of cast mate to get a spot in wikipedia’s list of charecters (suck at spelling) so once you actully get to story that actully involes her and the rest of Shido’s fallowers i recomemed adding her to the list of next to die

    also you underestamate shizuka she is a good nurse and no im not kidding

    1. for some reason i cant edit but i made a mistake the story does not focus on shido’s fallowers just add her when she actully starts talking and go’s to the front instead of remaining at the back

      and that was you info about Yuuki Miku

    2. I’ll admit that I was a little impressed by Shizuka driving the car. She seemed much more competent during those scenes.

      Which one was Yuuki Miku? Was she the redhead who was saved inside the school? Once she’s named in the anime and gets a role, I’ll go ahead and add her to the death list.

      1. when all the students are Clapping for Shido you see her at the very back she has Orangeish hair and is too far away to have a full face yet some how she becomes easily the most seen and developed of Shido’s group with 2nd place going to the dude that rei beat up but his name is never said sohe is much less important then her (plus Yuuki actully got a Bio from one of Takashi’s pals that is dead)

        i don’t recall her name being droped until the flash back omake

        i bet you will know who she is once she starts talking and moving (and showing off her assets and her choice of undergarments)

      2. Also Shizuka shows off another thing that she is good for do to having conections with a certain someone we should meet soon

        also according to Takashi in Rpg format here are the groups roles
        Rei, Kouta, Saeko are the fighter’s

        Saya is the Mage as she supports them with strategy’s to beat Them

        Shizuka is the Preist or healer as she is a good medic

        Takashi did not talk about him self But i think he is the red mage as he is good at both fighting and planing

  2. That male professor is a real jerk and some one that can’t be trusted at all.
    Wonder if the original group separates from the group that was giving applause to that idiot’s speech.

  3. Random comment, but I think London’s in order ’cause they’re on an island – if a zombie came, they can contain it quickly.

    :/ Which also means it’s impossible for something to start in Japan and America at the same time, or requires a lot of coincidence/an evil mastermind. How would the disease spread? It’s impossible.

    1. Well, Japan’s an island too, so I don’t think that’s the reason for London’s order.

      I am looking forward to seeing them explain how this all got started and how it spread (if they ever choose to, they very well might not bother). Who was the original zombie? How did this even break out? Good questions.

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