Highschool of the Dead, episode 5: Reunion

Best episode of the season so far? Nah, probably not. But I thought the zombie fight on the bridge was beautifully choreographed. I still have stars in my eyes from it.

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Are big breasted women more likely to become good friends with other big breasted women? That’s sort of a trick question, because everyone on this show has big breasts (probably even Kouta). Introducing Rika Minami, ace sniper, and someone who’s a big fan of Alphard’s wardrobe. She’s also Nurse Shizuka’s good friend. While mini-Alphard is busy taking out zombies for the government, or militia, or whatever strike force she’s a part of, there’s no doubting that she’ll eventually catch up with the rest of the gang.


Most of the rest of the episode focuses on Komura and Rei dodging zombies and psycho people to try to regroup with the rest of the gang. I was a little smitten by Saeko’s dogged pursuit of keeping her promise with Komura. Was it just because it gets a little rise out of Saya? Or because there’s a little childhood marriage promise-ring to it? This is probably as close to deredere you’ll ever see Saeko, so enjoy it.


Meanwhile, it’s not like the rest of the gang doesn’t have their own issues. While Komura and Rei may be traipsing through a killing field, Saya, Saeko, Kouta and Shizuka have to deal with Shidou molest students and make a goddamn mockery of the awesome Lelouch Lamperouge hand theatrics. You’re fucking it up Shidou! When he’s not trying to be a poor man’s Lelouch, he’s busy molesting students in the back of the bus. All of whom who look up to him like he’s the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard. Is this the effects of stress? All Shidou needs to do is break out an e-meter and charge $29.99 a month for eternal happiness.

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When the gang decide to leave the bus, Shidou allows them all to go. Japan is the land of free will, of course. Except for Nurse Shizuka, who he implores to stay behind and make like a sexy nurse in a cosplay porno. But in a surprising flash of rage (ok, not that surprising), Kouta unleashes his emo side, grazing Shidou in the face with his nail gun (and turning him into a sniveling coward) and threatening to kill him in revenge for all the times Shidou picked on him. However, Kotou keeps his cool and lets Shidou walk once everyone’s left the bus.

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But the gang’s decision to leave the bus takes a turn for the worse when they find themselves trapped on a bridge with a horde of zombies, running out of ammo, and stuck with two dead weights (no, not Shizuka’s left and right boob, but Saya and Shizuka – the person).


But the tide changes when Komuro hears the impotent twang from Komura’s nail gun and puts his 6+ hours of experience riding a bike to spectacular use, pulling off a jump that would make Evil Knievel proud. In the real world, Komura would’ve landed, fell off the bike and gotten eaten by zombies. Thank God this is anime though.

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The next thirty seconds or so were just fantastic, with Komura basically ranging all over the bridge like an angry free safety, taking out anything he can, while Rei provides some cavalry support with some nice stick work. Komura upgrades Kouta’s weaponry, and Kouta pulls off his inner Neo. And Saeko finally ends the fight, taking Komura’s hand to pull off a zombie-pow triple salchow (did anyone else think this was a little romantic, or have I just been watching too many shoujos lately?). While it was a nicely animated sequence, more than anything the choreography of the fight was fantastic. Like Yuen Woo-Ping meets John Woo. We need more action sequences like this.


Safe for the moment, the gang decide to find shelter and head for Rika’s house. What with a humvee and high gates, it should be a safe harbor, but they arrive to find that somehow zombies have invaded the place. But instead of running, they fight, and Kouta reminisces about how in just a day, they’ve completely changed.

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Shidou is monopolizing the poll, so there’s a new option just to mix it up. Nope, not Rika. She doesn’t get added until she joins the group. But nobody. Who’s going to die next episode? I’m confident nobody will. But maybe they’ll surprise us and some poor sap will bite the bullet. I like Kouta a lot. I still think he’s the first to go. But I’m guessing next episode is not the time.

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  1. At first, I thought the whole episode was going to be full of talktalktalk, but I think the bridge fight was just the topping we needed on a boring cake. It simply had me at the edge of my seat. I also think that no one will die in the next episode. Well, I really want to check out the manga, but I think It will ruin the anime experience for me in future eps. Anyways, great blog!

  2. well Shido’s plan is to make a cult and letting bullies beat on Kouta what an asshole

    also Yuuki Miku makes her entrance and I totally forgot about Rika she’s cool hell even her male partner is cool

      1. yep the orangeish haired one i would post a link but I can’t because Im using a wii for this

        also I need to stop advertiseing her you will know more about her soon enough

  3. Alright episode in my opinion, im glad the others left the bus, that teacher was really starting to get on my nerves…what a gay -.-

    Anyway good they came back together, me too i want to massage thos oppai but my shooter skill is non existant ^^”’

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