Highschool of the Dead, episode 9: It’s not about the kids

I’ve been watching a lot of Monster lately. Going from that to Highschool of the Dead is like listening to Beethoven then switching over to Spinal Tap. These amps go to 11.


It’s hard to imagine, what with the naked apron display capturing our attentions in the previous episodes, but this is actually the first truly Saeko-centric episode. And she doesn’t disappoint. It’s the type of role all actresses would kill for. Sexy, cute, action-packed, yandere, possible sex scene. The director threw the book at Saeko this episode and well… maybe I’m just crazy, but I’m even more hot for Saeko than ever before.


Saeko and Takashi happen to come across an amphibious ATV which allows them to take the long way back to Saya’s house. During a quiet moment alone, Takashi decides to pop the question, that is, does Saeko like anyone, and she responds affirmatively. Takashi decides not to probe, but the way she answered the question, it seemed like she was thinking of someone besides him. However, once night falls, they go back on the move, fording the river and almost immediately tossing the ATV into a fountain to draw the zombies to the noise. Which is a very odd set of tactical decisions, because fighting in the dark is not to the humans’ benefit. Zombies are drawn by noise, remember? Not light. Light is good for humans, it keeps you from not noticing a zombie jumping out from the shadows. But stranger yet is their decision to toss the ATV into the fountain. Why they couldn’t use it to just run over every other zombie, I don’t know. They’re not as fast as Hummers and motorcycles, but they can definitely pick up enough speed to do some damage.


Those tactical errors don’t seem to impact them much though, at least not so much as Saeko freezing in front of a group of zombie kids, forcing Takashi to save her by shooting a zombie child in the mouth with a shotgun. Now this was a fantastic red herring. Because all the while I was thinking DAWWW, Saeko just can’t bring herself to hurt the children. She’s so cute. Nyet. Not so much. Once Saeko and Takashi escape the park, they take refuge for the night in an empty temple. And there Saeko tells Takashi what’s really been going on. About her past. An attacker. A beating. Her bloodlust. Her psycho yangire nature. And now the opportunity to become wet with indulgence.  From caring mother-type character, to blood-huungry sadist. That is one heckuva 180.


Takashi responds like how every other red blooded male would respond to after receiving a confession of craziness. A kiss and a loud romp in the sack. Well, we can’t say for sure. But the kiss seems definite. And the loud romp in the sack? That seems like the only good explanation for why zombies were drawn to the temple from the beginning of the morning.

highschool-of-the-dead-6 highschool-of-the-dead-7

Having allowed to enjoy the purity of love, Saeko hesitates and seemed doomed to be the first to die. But Takashi awakens the S-girl in her by torturing one of her boobs which lets her go off and yeah, that’s right. Get wet. Probably from sweat. To make things even better, the show finally upgrades her pansy-ass wooden sword and gives her a cold, steel blade for her to get off on.


And finally, we Saeko and Takashi make it back to Saya’s house. A picture perfect happy family. One pants wetting loli. One yangire S-girl. And one badass harem leader. Rei is not going to be very happy. And I guess Saya isn’t either, based on her reaction seeing Takashi and Saeko holding each other. But to be honest, I forgot that she was even in the competition. She’s going to have to settle for Kouta. And settle quick, before Alice the loli steals him.

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A second season is seeming more and more likely to me. There’s only 3 episodes left. Nobody besides Saya has gotten to see their families. It doesn’t look like that’s happening next episode either. Rika the sniper has gone missing. Shidou, the cult leader teacher, has been MIA. And it doesn’t look like there’s an end to the zombie epidemic anytime soon.