Hina? Maria? Everyone wins!

There’s something about Hayate no Gotoku that brings out the shipper fanboy in me. I liked the first season despite the plethora of fillers, but I’m loving the second season so far. It’s like they’ve cut out the unnecessary crap from the first season and pumped up everything that was already awesome (i.e., the wonderfully quirky characters and their relationships) into overdrive.

Couple things we knew:

  • Hina = 100% WIN
  • I’ve underrated Maria, but she’s also 100% WIN herself. I just love how she seems to know everything

Couple things I learned from episode 6:

  • Hina gets her awesomeness from her mom (just in time for Mother’s Day)
  • Maria needs to work on her undercover skills, but Maria + serafuku = off the charts WIN

A Hina x Maria showdown would be off the charts. Maria may be the only person in the world who could out-Hina Hina.








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