How I would’ve redone the aniblog tourney #TwelveMoments #2

The 12 Days of Anime project is CCY’s brainchild and the only way to celebrate the twelve moe-chwan~ days of Christmas!

Have I posted about this before? I swear I did, but maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was just in my head. Or maybe I left a comment out there somewhere on that poor little tourney site that people have already forgotten.


This is what I would’ve done:

a.) First of all, I would’ve made a vow with my co-conspirators , Scamp and Mefloraine, as well as our ninja admins to not comment, tweet, backlink, co-blog, email or chat with each other until we accomplished our dreams

b.) I would recruited several artists to participate

c.) I would’ve had them Wikipe-tan’d the aniblog tourney, because moe mascots are beyond reproach unless you’re Hitler

d.) Then I would’ve had them moe-chwan-ify every blog in the tourney into a cute, chibi representation of itself

e.) And then I would’ve let out the hounds voters, and watched with glee at all the moe-haters go into apoplectic tsuntsun/deredere shock about their newfound and undeniable  self-hnnnngggh-ness. There’d be more self-hate than an emo brigade at a Twilight convention.

f.) As tempers flare and jealousy rages, I would’ve created a threadless t-shirt line, and a loosely based-on-reality doujinshi that eventually gets turned into an anime


Thankfully, there’s always 2012, and we’ll be able to do all of the above (and more!) by incorporating all the new advances in moe-technology that will be sure to rock our world in the coming future.