I guess I’m in Japan

Sorry this update was a long time coming.

Fate/Zero and Gintama Genshiken machines
Only went for the Gintama machine and got a Kagura… Shinpachi might not be happy to know he’s not even available

I’ve been MIA for a couple months… well, like clearly. Figured it would be nice to provide an update so you know I haven’t gone the way of the dodo yet. So I’ve been abroad in Asia this whole summer working at an internship. Not TL-WN722N” in Japan sadly, but not too far. Unfortunately because of the work, I didn’t really have time to watch too much anime, much less wholesale NBA jerseys blog about it. Well… to be fair, I wasn’t that impressed nor motivated by the summer choices anyway. With that said, I have now gotten a chance to visit Japan for a third time. Unfortunately I’m only here for a week, in Tokyo for a couple days before going to the Hokkaido area cheap NFL jerseys for ethical a  few days, but as always it’s always very cool coming back here.

I do expect to be back blogging to a more prominent degree in the fall, but I’ll provide an update as well as a “state of the cheap MLB jerseys blog” thoughts in more depth within MVA a couple weeks. I have another week in Asia before heading back to the US, so I’ll have some time to think about where I want to take the direction of Rabbit SEO Poets in the future. Hopefully, the fall season will wholesale NFL jerseys provide a little more excitement as far as shows goes too. Until then… mata ashita ne?