Interested in joining the Rabbit Poets team? Then read on!

You should:

  • Have busting through to the heavens passion and fire about anime and writing! I don’t want you to be a Mashiro, anime blogging for love and admiration from the groupies. I want you to be a Nizuma, anime blogging for the love of anime and writing.
  • Be diligent and punctual. One of the most important things about blogging episodically is keeping up with shows on regularly and on a timely basis. The main value episodic blogs provide is information and opinion about an episode that just aired. No one cares about your opinion if you’re 4 weeks behind them.
  • Have some time on your hands. Blogging is surprisingly time-intensive. An average post takes about an hour to write. Sometimes longer at first. Add in the time spent “socializing” and you may be looking at 2-3 hours of commitment per week. Accordingly, new writers will be limited to writing about one show at first.
  • Ideally have some familiarity with blogging platforms. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have prior blogging experience. WordPress isn’t difficult, it’s very simple to use actually. But it does have its quirks. If you don’t know much about it, you should go register on and become familiar with how the system works as your homework.

Why write for Rabbit Poets?

  • Because you just need to focus on writing and none of the technical stuff
  • Because we have an established base of readers, and you don’t need to start from scratch
  • Because I love to hear suggestions and you’ll have an opportunity to help take Rabbit Poets to new, uncharted territories

Are there any reasons you wouldn’t want to write for Rabbit Poets?

  • Because you know you don’t have the time or temperament to write regularly
  • Because you hate rabbits and other cute animals

If you’re interested, fill out the contact form below with some information about yourself, including:

  • Why you want to write for Rabbit Poets
  • The types of anime you enjoy
  • Whether you’ve blogged or written online before

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