K-On 09: Making Dreams Come True!

So what dreams does KyoAni make come true exactly? Life dreams? Your deep and darkest fantasy? More so, just flat out moe dreams. Still the little short was cute.

Making YOUR dreams come true.

In this episode, finals are rolling around, and like in the previous season, the episode chooses to focus on Yui’s struggles to study. Except she’s actually studying! Maybe she won’t be a NEET after all.

In this episode, we get introduced to Ui and Yui’s neighbor Ma which is extraordinary as Ma is the first time we saw an adult outside of teachers taking care of the girls. Although I feel the lack of the parents contribute to the nature of the show. Ma is really sweet, and when she asked Yui to participate in the talent show, it’s easy to see why Yui doesn’t want to say no.

I really liked the scene of the Yui and Azusa by the river. It was really nicely done. Then afterwards to see Azusa putting Yui on a strict regiment was hilarious. Poor Yui doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m not sure how I feel about Yui having gone from a fumbling girl who can barely hold a guitar in the first season to a guitarist/singer of enough skill she outranks Azusa. It doesn’t really fit, and while yes, I realize this K-On, I’d prefer a more realistic representation of her skills.

It amazing how many teachers become like this come finals.

I love the outfits that Azusa and Yui wore for the concert, as well as what their friends wore when they came to see them.

I was a little disappointed that we didn’t find out who won the talent show. I was cheering for the bamboo flute guy. Still, it was a cute episode, and I enjoyed it.

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  1. I was laughing my ass off at the KyoAni short thing. I don’t remember last seeing a studio advertise itself like that. At least not in that remarkably cheesy way. I couldn’t help the thought – getting desperate, are we KyoAni?

    And I don’t think there was an indication that Yui outplays Azusa on the guitar now, though I guess Azusa was never much of a singer.

    And why bamboo flute guy? xD

  2. Although I feel the lack of the parents contribute to the nature of the show.

    True dat, yo, but surprisingly we get to see a lot of old peeps in this episode (alos, loved the Bamboo Flute guy =P)

    Hmm, I don’t think Yui is better than Azusa, but I do agree that her skills improved rather quickly. At the same time, it’s actually possible for someone to gain this much experience in that amount of time, maybe even less. Playing an instrument really is not that hard; It’s mastering it that takes dedication.

  3. Mhmm really? my dream of having Little busters hasnt been fulfilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway ep 9 “fuuuuuuwaaaaaaaaa fuuuuuuwaaaaaaa tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.”

    The YuiAzu attempted manzai was hilarious. Yui is simply a natural boke, though Azusa needs to work on her tsukkomi skills.

    haha indeed. anyway i love the grandma she is such a kind person =)

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