K-On 12: Music Fest

In the world of K-On, it’s summer break, and time for another training camp. While the last two training camps took place on the warm beach, this time the girls decide to mix it up a bit, and go to the mountains. I sit here in envy that going to both the ocean and the mountains is a possibility for the girls and that they don’t consider either too far away.

Before training camp starts, the five girls and Sawako are going to go to a music festival called Summer Fest. I loved Yui’s misconceptions about a festival in the mountains, although one worries about what’s going on in her head sometimes. Its okay Yui, you’re cute anyway!

Oh Sawako, you’re supposed to be the responsible adult! Still, hungover and cranky Sawako is pretty amusing.

Watching Mio lose all her sensibility and instead turn demanding was pretty amusing too. And then Mugi joins in…

Heck, just flat out fangirl Mio is pretty dang cute.

Once Sawako gets over being hungover, she jumps straight into drill sergeant mode. Since their voice of reason is usually Mio, having Sawako in action offers the group some much need guidance and tips. This Sawako and the Sawako we saw at the end of her punk band episode is so much more likable then the Sawako we’ve seen in the rest of the series.

I was a little worried about Mio when I saw her getting freaked out by the crowd at the theater, but seeing her overcome her anxiety to enjoy the music may actually be one of the best Mio moments I’ve seen out of her yet.

Poor Mugi. She’s such a sweetheart, and all she wanted was yakisoba…

All in all, I thought this was a great episode. While K-On tends to be a well animated show, I really enjoyed the art in this show, and the detail that was put in to bringing Music Fest to life. Although I suppose that’s evidenced by all the screenshots in this post. Seeing the girls having fun reminded me a lot of a con, and made me look forward to the concert I’ll be attending in July. It was a very lively and all in all fun episode. A real treat after the flatness of the previous episode.