K-On 13: I wish me watching this was a dream as well

This week delivers an Azusa centric episode.

I wasn’t thrilled at all by the dream sequence. I didn’t get it, and I don’t even like dream sequences in the first place. They also seem to me like a cop-out or a way to fill up time.

After that, Azusa meets up with Ui, and they go eat in the music room, then sleep. Yeah…absolutely thrilling.

The girls at the horror movie were cute, what with Azusa’s various expressions, but the scene was also predictable. And then it turns out to be another dream. Argh! My rage on my end!

And then another dream sequence. This time with Mugi. At least Mugi’s cute, I guess.

With the second half, the dream sequence nonsense seems to be over, and just onto summertime stuff. Like girls in swimsuits. Oh wait. There is another dream sequence. Dammit.

The girls at the festival were cute, but all too short for what’s the strongest part of the episode. And then we get Azusa worrying about being all alone…for what number time this season.

I’m not a big Azusa fan, and maybe that’s what got to me, but this has to be the weakest episode of K-On!! I’ve seen so far. I did not like it at all.

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