K-On 14: Hitting Mugi

This episode starts off focusing on Ritsu and Mugi. As anyone reading my post up to this point have probably guessed, I’m a pretty big Mugi fan. Seeing her get this much screentime was absolutely wonderful.

kon rabbitpoet
In a strange way, this show just keeps getting weirder.

My adoration with Mugi, and her amazement with the world around her is endless. She takes an ordinary setting, such an arcade, and changes it into a new exciting experience.

Ritsu’s silly and energetic nature makes her a surprising good match with Mugi. Mugi is very tolerant of Ritsu’s pranks on her, as well as Ritsu’s dramatics just tend to make her more excited. I think I might have a new yuri ship.

We also get to see Nodoka and Yui studying together. Although I have to ask of the cake eating scene, why do they always just go and take the big strawberry off the piece? If you’re going to take a piece of someone else’s cake, unless you were an obnoxious character, it seems you’d take a different bit of cake. But no. It’s always the strawberries. Although Yui seems to agree with me that it’s quite odd. (I write these post as I watch, that this is direction the show took after I ranted about it made me laugh.)

Although, as use as I am to Mugi’s getting delight out of the strangest things, her request for Ritsu to hit her was definitely still surprising. Though funny.

From that, the girls are going to Summer Classes—which I guess is different from usual school classes? The no dress code thing has thrown me for a bit of a loop.

As silly as her outfit may be...so cute!

Mugi’s cuteness level just seems to rise in this level as she attempts to do something stupid enough to warrant getting hit. Go Mugi go! Though it seems that no matter what Mugi does, she’s just too sweet for anyone to want to hit.

Overall, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout this episode. Definitely an improvement from thirteen. There’s also a new opening and closing. I dislike the opening, but I dislike Yui’s squeaky voice overall. That, and nothing will compare in my eyes to Cagayake! Girls. I love the ending, No! Thank You. The K-On endings seems to just be one success after another.

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