K-On!! 15:Run Yui Run!

The girls’ summer break is over and they’re back in school. Azusa is already excited about the school festival, but the other girls are concerned with this school mandated marathon. With this, we get a Yui centric half of the episode.

I feel for Yui here. I hate running myself. And jeez, how can you expect people to run when their window shopping to be done? So cruel.

It's not bad that Yui! It's just almost that bad.

Yui’s desperation not to run the race takes a humorous turn in the as she tries to make weather fortune dolls to make it rain…lots.

Not that is stops anything, as the race goes as planned. Yui ends up easily distracted by all the sights around her, and I don’t blame her one bit. If I was running the marathon, I’d be just like her. The singing while running was really cute. Oh K-On. Can I have another performance soon please?

In a bit of a forced plot twist, Yui suddenly disappears, and after much time is wasted, they find she’d become injured, then distracted, and is chilling at Ma’s. They rush back just in time for the four of them to finish last and enjoy their goodies. All in all, nothing special, but a fun episode. I enjoyed watching Yui be nothing but trouble.

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